"Sabuto and the city capture collection mad dog"

width = 212Mr. Konishi Yunosuke of the former Shogakkan who is keen to ask about our wedding ceremony.

Though I was introduced before, I am the one who started Big Comic for Ishimori.

In the world of cartoon magazines, for the first time, I created a magazine for adults to read, so to speak, I was the one who caused a revolution in the comic industry.


Though I have read many comic books, it was great praise that I have never met a work that can feel "summer heat" and "madness" so much.

I heard that story and I read it about 20 years ago.

The story that begins with the city slashing rabid dogs is the orphan boys clinging to crazy women and municipalities, the daughter of a kimono wholesaler who tries to kill marriage until the city is defeated, It is covered with a scintillating sun that overturns the characters.

People are all sweaty, and the sultry heat that made it a gimmick like a sticky story is transmitted to the readers, and it is such a summer that the summer of the Edo period is surely like this, you can feel it with Manju.

Treatment of an orphaned boy is also excellent, keep chasing after saying that "I do not want to kill anything anymore" after chasing the city since I slashed the dog.

While the city is taking a nap, kill insects and throw the killed frog to parents who are walking together.

Even without explanation, there surely makes me feel that this boy is an orphan.

The city has no choice but to slash the flying dragonfly into two, but he has not returned yet. A boy who witnessed the country ronin murdering eel selling in order to steal money tells the city. Ronin who visits there.

I try to slash the city after reassuring him, but in a blink of an eye, it will be slashed by the sword of the city.

The boy sitting there will go as if to escape to that sight.

I admired that I was stuck in the city so persistently that it was to draw the back from which the boy runs away.

Including the ronin, it is slashed slashfully. That expressionless expression is realistic in reverse, it draws madness to coexist with sultry heat.

However, even in the countryside ronin who was rushing slashfully, the production that cuts wrinkles and cuts between the eyebrows only when it is against the city does not stand out, but it is also a hidden taste like salty on summer watermelon, Is not it a unique technique of Ishimori?

I just thought that I just sweat just by writing this essay is probably because I read "Mad Dog" (laugh)

Shotaro Ishinomori I saw