"Kirito Rose and Hoshino"

I was consulted by Ishimori Pro asking if I would like to serialize the essay as I felt while following the Ishimori work, and I am repeating this way, but by touching each work one by one I'm so happy and happy to hit the keyboard with me every time, as I seem to have had the time to meet Ishimori, who I respect more than anyone in the world.

In such an occasion, if you encounter a work that you have never touched before, you will feel like you have found a treasure, and your motivation will suddenly rise. I especially like the works in the early days, because I feel that the person himself is really having fun drawing a picture, and I can feel the liveliness and dynamism from the frames. Of course, I think it would be misleading to write like this, but I think that in the middle and the latter half, I remembered the technique and drew people who could only draw at that time, so I like it there, but what do you say? If you compare it to a figure player, you don't know what you are scared when you are a junior player, and you can feel the emotion that you can't do without being scared to play on the rink, but when you grow up and take responsibility, you can't fail. I feel that many people can't even see the big smiles they had fascinated in junior because of the spell binding.

"The real suffering is waiting after it's sold," says Ishimori.

The work introduced this time is probably a short work before I knew the suffering. Honestly, without this opportunity, I would never have encountered this work myself. A short omnibus work of the trilogy "Kiritobara to Hosito". With the Dracula legend as a motif, a beautiful woman named Vampire Lily is depicted in three eras: 1903, 1962, and 2008. I think it was 1962 when I drew it, as you can see in this year's issue. The so-called past, present and future are drawn.

The author himself wrote in this work:

“In the world of superstitions and legends—that is, “dreams”—that gradually disappear with the development of science and culture, and in the world of fantasy that can only be done with a manga, join with you for a moment. I want to have fun.''

Next time to the fantasy world.

Shotaro Ishinomori I saw