Sugar Sato : Born in Tome-gun, Miyagi Prefecture (currently Tome City) in 1953. "Gottongoton" (Grotesque Noriyoshi Sato) was selected for the 1st Shogakukan Newcomer Comic Award, General Comic Category In 1978, he was awarded the ninth Akatsuka Prize for his joint work with Ishio Hashimoto, "New Year Holidays and Friends". His recent book is "Introduction to Manga Japan and the World Economy" (manga: Ishimori Pro Sugar Sato). His real name is Toshio Sato.

Longing for a star in your hometown, really accepting it?

 Sugar, thank you for your hard work this summer, including drawing guidance and supervision for 24-hour TV drama specials, and drawing “Introduction to Manga Japan and the World Economy”.

Sugar Sato (Sugar) :Oh, yes. Thank you for your hard work.

 The shooting of the drama was inconvenient due to the schedule and movement, and it was a lot of hard work in the hot weather, but with the special drama of Ishinomori sensei ...

sugar : Yeah ... But the performers and the staff were good and I was able to feel good.

 You seemed to have talked a lot with Kento Nakajima, the Sexy Zone who played Ishinomori-sensei. Mr. Nakajima heard that the drama was decided and he went to Ishinomaki Mangakan in Ishinomaki, the birthplace of his teacher in his hometown of Tome City, and also to the Shotaro Ishinomori Hometown Memorial Museum. By the way, Mr. Sugar is from Tome City in Miyagi Prefecture, the same country as Professor Ishinomori. Did you become an assistant after all, longing for your hometown teacher, Ishinomori?

sugar: I agree…. I've been drawing manga since I was a child, and I was really told that I could become a manga artist (like Ishinomori-sensei) (laughs).

 Mr. Ishinomori and Mr. Sugar are different about 15 years old. The teacher was already a local celebrity at that time.

sugar : A parent's acquaintance knows about Ishinomori-sensei. My teacher is Ishimori in Nakata-cho, Tome-gun, and I'm in a town called Uenuma. It took about 5 minutes by bicycle, but in the old days I walked, so how long was it? So I met my parents and the teacher called me. Come to Tokyo with about 3 of the manga you drew.

 So it was sunny and an assistant ...


 That was disappointing (laughs). What work did you work on when you joined the assistant?


 What was Sugar's style at that time like?

sugar : In the 70's, you're painting a dark, irresistible youth story in the countryside ... Then, the name of Grotesque Sato (the pen name at that time) appeared on the magazine, but I could not get the award easily. The content is so content that it can't be included in this magazine (laughs). At the same time, he drew a dark youth with Mr. Kenji Hirokane, and at a party, he said, "Are you grotesque Sato-san?"

 Is Ishinomori's assistant between the ages of 18 and 25?

シュガー:ええ…。24歳で賞をもらって、「独立していいですか?」と聞いたら、「もう少しやってくれ」って言われて、半年から1年くらいしてから独立しました。ときどき車で先生がネームを描きに行っていた桜台駅前のラタン(※)に送るときとか、そういう話をしたり…。当時8人くらいアシスタントいましたけど、忙しい時期でしたね。『佐武と市捕物控』は終わるころでしたけど、『変身忍者 嵐』とか『馬が行く!』とか『さんだらぼっち』とか…。

* Rattan: A coffee shop in front of Sakuradai Station where the teacher was a regular

 What is Mr. Ishinomori's work that Sugar likes most?


 In that sense, various assistants would have drawn the background of the seasons, but after all it was the world view of Prof. Ishinomori. Is that the ability to construct the teacher's name?

sugar :I agree. I guess Morihiko Ishikawa mainly painted the background for Sabu to Ichi ...

 What was your assistant relationship at the time?

sugar : I guess it wasn't that much ... It was a way for one person to handle one piece, but I chose the one that seemed easy (laugh).

 What was your working hours like at that time?

sugar : Time ... About afternoon ... If nobody comes, go for a walk and come back ... until about 5 o'clock the next morning ...

 Do you have any memories that this was hard?


 I guess that's because I thought it was okay to see Sugar's work. It seems like it was hard to talk about it, but it seems like Sugar was doing it as it was.

sugar : No ... I don't know ... I was so sick that I was bad for my teacher. At that time, if I had been working hard on my own work, I was told, "Draw me carefully."

 By the way, the pen name "Sugar Sato" was given by Professor Ishinomori, right?

sugar: Yes. If you apply while drawing little by little while working as a teacher's assistant, you will receive a Shogakukan award. My teacher was a judge, but I applied without telling me. So, when my teacher held an award celebration party, which also served as Christmas at a store I met in Ikebukuro, the editor of the Big Comic, who was there, told me to change my name. If grotesque is not good (laugh). Then, when I consulted with my teacher, he said, "I'll think about it."

 I was forgotten (laughs).

sugar : If you urge, think a little ... Toshio Sato, Toshio Sato, Salty Sugar ... Because it was in a folk song group, let's say "Sugar Sato".

“Nagai was as good as you were when you entered.”

 Is there anything you'd like to do as a teacher's assistant and you're good?

sugar: The good thing is ... I think it's all. It is natural for teachers to be able to draw fast, so it is natural.

 Do you have any memories of your teacher outside of work?

sugar: Sometimes I was taken to a movie. At a cinema in Ginza, there are "Glory of Le Mans" and "Encounter with the unknown". I remember only those two (laughs). I took all the assistants, and then drank and had a good time.

 Prof. Ishinomori is famous for the speed of the pen, but if you throw the manuscript behind the chair and throw it, even if you leave it a little, the next manuscript will overlap and the ink will stick and the assistant will be difficult ... It was.

sugar: Yeah. Because I throw it, I rub it on the floor and the lines can be faded, but we put it in white and fix it.

Nevertheless, you can throw it in anyway ... What is the priority of the glue of the pen? By the way, did you ever get angry with your teacher?

sugar: Not really ... Oh, by the way, my teacher drew a frog, and there was an X in the middle of my stomach, so I thought it was sticky and painted it black and it was a navel! And angry (laughs). But the teacher did not get angry with anyone around.

 But wasn't Sugar-san specially liked by Dr. Ishinomori? There are many works that have been taken over.

sugar: What is it? But when I became independent, I was told, "Nagai (Professor Go) has been as good as you have been since I entered" (laughs).

 Biography of Mr. Ishinomori (Poplar “Comic Ver. World Biography Series Shotaro Ishinomori”) is also drawn. After all it was hard

sugar: Yes, it was difficult. I got the editor to collect various materials and proceeded with it, but I got in quite a bit from the name stage.


sugar: I worked with Mr. Hayase of Ishimori professional and the drawing team. I was asked to show my teacher's concept note on the way, but I didn't understand much (laughs). It was a flow of reading Onodera Takeshi's scenario and naming it.

 You spent a long time with Professor Ishinomori. Do you remember any of your teacher's gestures?

sugar: When you check the manuscript, you turn the pen over and draw a thin line. Oh, I learned that I can use it this way. Teacher, don't tell me, remember. Move the pen quickly and don't worry if it protrudes ...

 It is the job of the Sugars to erase the protruding parts (laughs). But that free pen handling created a unique touch, which led to the speed of doing a huge amount of work.

sugar: I agree. When I was there, I did a couple of weekly and monthly magazines.

Memories of drama broadcast this summer

 What was the first time you heard the story of Kotonoshi's 24-hour TV drama special, The Man Who Created a Hero, Shotaro Ishinomori Story? I think it was hard to be there many times during the hot weather.

sugar: No, but there was "Tokiwa-so Youth" (Director Jun Ichikawa) or "Do you know ?!" (NTV). When shooting the movement of the hand or pen tip.

 You were instructed again by Sexy Zone Kento Nakajima, who starred in the movie. What kind of guidance?

sugar: Is it how to use a pen? A thin line if standing, a thick line if laid down. Also, if you use it upright, it will make a crunchy sound.

 How was the swallow?

sugar: He even drew manga himself. When I was in elementary school. Say it's a manga that only grandfathers come out of ... So when I started talking about manga, he was happily talking about something, but then I just heard me from the studio ...


sugar: About 10 times ... The scene where Tezuka-sensei turned into a ryokan was shot in Tochigi. On a very hot day ...

 It seems that Tochigi is also the scene where Mr. Akatsuka returns to the river after traveling around the world.

sugar: Yes. The scene around Tokiwa-so was around Ikuta Studio in Kanagawa.

 You were instructed not only by Nakajima-san but also by Miyako Hayashi, who played the role of Professor Akatsuka.

sugar: Yeah. He's a serious person and asks me. "Where should I draw from here?"

 I heard that it was also helpful to have Dr. Sugar drafted with a pencil. Also, they brought me the tools I actually used.

sugar: The paper (prepared for shooting) was a bit rough, and it seems like I chose it to make it sound crisp. The tip of the pen is also likely to break with an overused one (laughs).

 Thanks to that, the drama's reputation was also very good.

sugar: The staff did a good job, and the producer came to pick me up by car. The people around me also said that the era was well documented, and after a while I called and said, "You've got a name."

 You seemed to see Sugar returning home during the meeting, running a long distance and chasing, and shaking hands with a smile, "Thank you!" The staff was surprised that he was cool and refreshed and that he could do it too much (laughs). .


What's next for "Japan and the world"?


sugar: Hm ... it took a while to check (laughs). Also, the story is complicated, so the development is quite interesting, but the drawing is difficult.

 This is also supervised by certified accountant Shinya Yamada, the author of the best-selling “Why Sao-ya is not collapsed”, and I think that it is a work that can be enjoyed as an entertainment unlike so-called liberal manga.

sugar: I also received the scenario one chapter at a time, so it was difficult to draw without knowing how the story would proceed ... Also, I used to draw backgrounds and materials just for the real story, but it was quite difficult.

 The reader's reputation seems to be quite good. It seems that not only students and young businessmen, but also veterans have learned because it is difficult to organize and understand the current economy with news alone. If there is a sequel, please make sure to add Ishinomori characters that have not yet appeared this time.

sugar: I also want to create characters with Heinrich, Great, and Pymma motifs.

Interview and composition: Hiroaki Maruo