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E-books at hand! Reservation acceptance of "One volume whole book Shotaro Ishinomori" has started!

152 e-books for 438 books are now only 3!

In this winter, from the series of the whole volume of the topic, "Shintaro Ishinomori" 章 chapter (SF / Hero / Girl, etc. about 40,000 pages), chapter of Hana (Drama / period drama, etc. about 40,000 pages), chapter of the mirror (Fantasy / Gag) / Liberal Arts, etc. Approximately 30,000 pages) will be released.
The entire volume of the “Super High Definition Electronic Manga” series that uses the content cassette method, in which a cassette containing electronic book data is inserted into a book-shaped device. With the same reading feel as a paper book, it has become a size that allows you to easily carry a huge number of works. It is easy to operate with a natural reading posture. In addition, it is not a display emission format, so it is gentle on the eyes and can be read carefully.
Currently accepting reservations. Product delivery is scheduled for December 20th.
Please join us for the New Year holidays.
<Product name>
One volume complete book Shotaro Ishinomori "Yozu" chapter
Chapter of “Hana”
Chapter of “Kagami”
<Main recordings>
The chapter of "萬" ... Inazuman / Masked Rider / Genma Taisen / Cyborg 009 / Satobi Echi-chan / Android Kikaider / 009-1 / Second Class Angel / Bancho Planet / Secret Sentai Gorenger / Transform Ninja Arashi / Mutant Sub / Ryu no Michi / Robot Criminal Others
Chapter of “Hana” ... the horse goes! / Oedo Medical Interview Eighteenth Texts / Livestock People Yapoo / Kusakabe Station Labyrinth Section Omiya / Kunoichi Catcher Trap Koi Rope Bird / Satake and City Catcher / Sandara Bocchi Kaya Ryu Kuzuryu / Tsubaki / Yawahachimachi Front and back makeup / Hokusai / HOTEL etc.
"Mirror" chapter ... Animal Farm / Konaru Yatsura / Goochoki Pakkon / CM Noro / Shoutaro's Fantasy World Jun / Chic Tak Tak / TV Kid / Don Kikko / Introduction to Manga Family / Introduction to Manga Japanese Economy / Manga Japanese History / Ryujinuma etc.
★ ☆ ★ About pre-sale of products ★ ☆ ★
Release date: Friday, December 20
Reservation accepting stores: TSUTAYA / Ashiya Shoten throughout the country
The following stores also sell a sample display of the entire volume and existing works.
Ginza Ashiya Shoten, SHIBUYA TSUTAYA, Umeda Ashiya Shoten, Roppongmatsu Ashiya Shoten, Hakodate Ashiya Shoten, Ebetsu Ashiya Shoten, TSUTAYA BOOKSTORE Gotanda, TSUTAYA EBISUBASHI
* Internet reservations are accepted at the following 2 stores.
Reservation method: Please apply for payment at the above store or EC site.
Selling price:
"One whole volume Shotaro Ishinomori Complete chapter complete set" 175,200 yen (excluding tax)
"One whole volume Shotaro Ishinomori" Chapter of Yorozu "" 63,600 yen (excluding tax)
"One volume whole book Shotaro Ishinomori" Chapter of Hana "" 62,400 yen (excluding tax)
"One volume of the whole book Shotaro Ishinomori" Chapter of Kagami "" 49,200 yen (excluding tax)
* In order to read the work, you will need the entire volume of one device sold separately.
* The binding design is subject to change without notice.

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