Youtubeチャンネル『【公式】石森プロ』がリニューアル!『【公認】石ノ森萬画 TV』 もスタート!

Commemorating the birthday of Shotaro Ishinomori on January 25,
We have renewed the official YouTube channel, [Official] Ishimori Pro.

In addition, a new channel that delivers videos that allow you to enjoy Ishinomori works from various perspectives,
[Official] Ishinomori Manga TV has also started.

[Official] Ishimori Pro has a new project
A video will be distributed in the future, in which manga teachers talk about the people and works of Shotaro Ishinomori.
The first interview was with Dr. Keiko Takemiya.

"Talking about Ishinomori Works" edited by Keiko Takemiya
"Speaking of Shotaro Ishinomori", edited by Keiko Takemiya
[Official] Ishimori Pro -YouTube-

[Official] Ishinomori Manga TV Then
Planned videos to introduce Ishinomori works and characters from various perspectives will be distributed.
In the first installment, we will send you a video about making a character valve for Kamen Rider Zero One!

It was ridiculous quality if I made a character valve of Kamen Rider Zero One! ? [Part 1]

Program content will be added to both official and official channels. Please take a look.