Web magazine "ISIMORI MAGAZINE" No. 11 has been released!

Web magazine "ISIMORI MAGAZINE" No. 11 has been released!

Web magazine "ISIMORI MAGAZINE" No. 11 has been released!

January 25th is Shotaro Ishinomomori's 83rd birthday. The special feature to coincide with this day is "The Future seen by Shotaro Ishinomoka". From Ishinomomori's point of view, there are many works that question the future, and we will pick up and deliver works on how well the vision of the time matches reality.
In addition, there are 6 articles such as "Manga artist introductory exhibition" held at Shotaro Ishinomaro Furusato Memorial Hall, interview with Director Jabo, interview with Mr. Taga, Director of Hitachi Logistics Public Relations Department who used Cyborg 009 for advertising. Please take a look.

The contents are as stated below.

- Special Feature: The Future seen by Shotaro Ishinomor
While gaining knowledge from various novels and books, Ishinommori has written a number of works that question the "future" from a unique perspective. In this special feature, we will pick up and introduce how much the reality of today is in line with the time when I was writing the work. There may be interesting discoveries when comparing the contents of the work with the now.

●漫画原稿再生叢書 EXTRA「サイボーグ009」
生原稿を「そのまま読む」漫画原稿再生叢書 EXTRA「サイボーグ009」。掲載原稿や収録内容をご紹介しています!

- Shotaro Ishinomoro Collection Early Girl Manga Masterpiece Selection
We introduce "Ishinomomori Shotaro Collection Early Girl Manga Masterpiece Selection" which selected and recorded girl manga works drawn by Ishinomomori in the 1960s!

"Introduction to Manga Artists" Report
"Introduction to Manga Artists" is being held at "Ishinomomori Shotaro Furusato Memorial Museum" in Miyagi Prefecture. This time, we are delivering this special exhibition in the unique report format of ISIMORI MAGAZINE!

●Hitachi Logistics × Cyborg 009 Interview with General Manager of Hitachi Logistics Taga Public Relations Department
In December 2020, we interviewed Mr. Taga, Director of Public Relations at Hitachi Logistics, who used Cyborg 009 as a corporate advertisement, and talked about his thoughts!

This time, we spoke with Yoshinori Serpent, Director of The Shotaro Ishinomoka Furusato Memorial Museum!