WEB magazine "ISHIMORI MAGAZINE" No. 10 has been delivered!

WEB magazine "ISHIMORI MAGAZINE" No. 10 has been delivered!

WEB magazine "ISHIMORI MAGAZINE" No. 10has been delivered!


The contents are as stated below.

● Let's learn with Shotaro Ishinomori's learning Manga

Ishinomori draws a number of learning manga in order to accurately convey "difficult to understand but want to know" information using thefamiliarity, comprehension, and fun functions of the media called manga.
This time, we will introduce a wide variety of learning mangafrom history, chemistry, economy to affairs !?


-DVD release information of the robot comedy "Ganbareiwa !! Robocon Urara ~! Koisuru Juiceless Tantanmen"that has returned to Reiwa!

Held at "Ishinomori Manga Museum" and "Ishinomori Shotaro Furusato Memorial Hall" in Miyagi Prefecture Delivering the latest information on special exhibitions!
cyborg 009 To the cat !? Special exhibition at the introduction of manga artists !?

-Cyborg 009 is appointed as an advertising character of Gear Co., Ltd.!
We asked the president about the decision to appoint this time in an interview!

"ISH InoMORI DNA" to interview people who are closely related to Ishimori Productions
This time, we interviewed Mr. YasukiKobayashi, Deputy Editor-in-Chief ofAkita Shoten Champion RED!