A selection of girl manga works drawn by Shotaro Ishinomaki in the 1960s is now on sale from Chikuma Shobo.

An anthology depicting a girl, a boy, and an adult who is around it.
It is a total of 7 works that make you feel pain and sometimes kindness.
Works that have not been published so far have also been picked up.
Please take a look.

In addition, [Ishinomomori Shotaro Collection] will continue to change the theme of the recorded work,
It will continue to be published. Stay in the way.

【Product Information】

"Shotaro Ishinomoro Collection Early Girl Manga Masterpiece Selection" (Bunko Format)

Scheduled release date January 9, 2021
Price 800 yen + tax
Issued Chikuma Shobo

[Recorded work]

"Blue Moon Night"
"I'm not here anymore tomorrow, but tomorrow too..."
"With a lot of roses and hossing"
"Akanbe Angel"
"MY Friend"