Ishimori Magazine 10 Editor's Note

●今回のIshimori Magazineは、「マンガ日本の歴史」 の新装文庫版発売というタイミングもあり、大特集も『萬画で学ぼう!』として、石ノ森が多く手がけた“学習マンガ”というジャンルをご紹介しました。

Ishinomori himself learned Manga is a manga that conveys the information (data) that you want to convey in a fun, fun, easy-to-understand, and accurate manner. [Quoted from the introduction to manga artists] The fact that you can learn even the story may have had the effect of making the world aware that manga can also play a role in the aspect of learning.

(The fact that you can learn about affairs does not mean that you can have an affair in this way, but it may be a message from Ishinomori like a teacher that you want to know the bad parts of affairs.)

The corona wreck is still not completely settled, but the Robocon that was revived in the Reiwa era can be enjoyed at home, so please take a look. We are working hard to gradually restore the related facilities in Miyagi prefecture to their previous state. We hope that you will be interested in the latest information.

The interview with Mr. Kobayashi of Akita Shoten was also talked about from the editor's point of view, so I felt that Ishinomori and his feelings for the work would be different if his position changed. Please look forward to who you are and what kind of interview you can hear.

The next "ISHIMORI MAGAZINE 11" is scheduled for the beginning of 2021.
looking forward to.