"Manga is a Yorozu painting that can express all things in nature."

Shotaro Ishinomori once declared that. In manga, even "learning" can be entertainment. The genre of learning manga is not uncommon nowadays, but it can be said that Shotaro Ishinomori was the pioneer who made it known to the world. I'm excited about the stories of science and history, and nod to the life of a great man and the other side of society. Manga who conveys "the fun of seeing and screaming" to children, adults, and all generations. Why don't you explore the joy of learning during the New Year holidays and the depths of the human world with Manga?

SP Harley

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("1 year of Kagaku" Gakken serialization)

This is a work by Ishinomori, in order to make children who have just entered elementary school enjoyable and interested in "Kaku". It is an interesting work for adults to read as a scientific manga, such as the ecology of insects, the human body, chemical reactions, and capillarity. Space Patrol (SP) Harley who came to the earth in pursuit of Dr. Bell, a criminal who crosses the universe. Dr. Bell, who is ill-mannered, escapes from Harley's pursuit and continues to do bad things, but incidents that match what he learns occur.

Chicken Takun

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("5 years of science", "2 years of learning", etc. serialized by Gakken)

Ticktaku Daiboken
("1 year of Kagaku" Gakken serialization)

Chikkun Takkun Adventure
("Five Years of Science" Gakken serialization)

Prince Tickn of Earl Star came to study the Earth with his hat-shaped robot Tuckon! Tickn is mysterious and interesting no matter what happens on Earth. It's a fun "learning manga" with slapstick that you should be studying and start playing. It was serialized and animated in response to the popularity of SP Harley. So what does Prince Chikkun learn on Earth?

Finpy and I

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(Serialized in "Chunichi Shimbun" Chubu Nihon Shimbun)

Akira Amemiya, a 10-year-old boy, came to Dolphin Island to study dolphins with Rentaro Amemiya, the father of a world-famous oceanographer. On the island, Akira made friends with Finpy, a telepathic dolphin, and a girl, Lina. At first, Finpy was kept secret from adults, but it was discovered by Hillary, the son of Dr. Garrison, a national spy who is studying the use of dolphins in the military.

A breathtaking escape play. Akira and Finpy headed to the Bermuda Triangle to escape from the pursuit. What I saw there ...! ?? While being able to learn about marine life such as dolphins, it is a beautifully depicted marine adventure romance that was published in color in newspapers at the time of serialization, and was drawn into the "mystery" of various stories.

Ishimori Manga Academy

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(Serialized in "Shonen King" Shonen Gahosha)

Understand the basics of "manga making" that has not changed in the past! Shotaro Ishimori started "Manga School" by gathering children who want to become a manga artist (?). The story goes on with a gag taste, but the way to draw manga as a lesson is very easy to understand, and there are only things that can be useful. The stories about techniques such as drawing, croquis, and deformation for drawing are explained in an easy-to-understand manner with actual examples. Also, regarding not only "how to draw" but also "how to make an idea (story)", after explaining in detail "Kishōtenketsu" which is the basis of the foundation, please carefully assemble the story using "Cyborg 009" as a sample. It is explained in.

Introduction to manga artists

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(Akita Shoten newly drawn book)

"I wrote this book to train rival cartoonists. It's no exaggeration to say that many cartoonists who are currently active are reading this book," said Ishinomori himself. This is an introductory book aimed at becoming a manga artist who says that many manga artists who are currently active are "influenced".


Three Kingdoms

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Eiji Yoshikawa's masterpiece "Sangokushi" is made into a manga with a touch of Ishinomori. Re-release is decided with the new renewal version. From the "Yellow Turban Rebellion" that triggered the group's division, Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei's brother-in-law's "Oath of the Peach Garden", the genius warrior Zhuge Liang's "Sanko no Rei", and Cao Cao were hunted down. "Battle of Red Cliffs", "The Total of Three Minutes of the World" by Wei, Wu, and Zhuge by Komei, and ...

Please enjoy the timeless historical taiga romance that is still popular in Japan with a powerful depiction unlike any other!


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("Manga Japanese Classic" Chuokoron-sha newly drawn book)

It is an ambitious work that revives the well-known "Japan's oldest book" with a bold production with laughter like Ishinomori. From the "national birth" where Izanagi and Izanami, who received heavenly orders, gave birth to the land of Japan and many gods, they were angry at Susanowo's barbarism. It is full of episodes related to familiar Japanese myths such as Susanowo who got rid of him, Ohokuninushi who helped Inaba's white rabbit, and Umisachibiko and Yamasachibiko. You can enjoy the "beginning of Japan", which has many obfuscated god names and is difficult to understand with just sentences!


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(Serialized in "Cosmo Comic" Sampo Journal)

Shotaro Ishinomori, who was chasing Matsuo Basho's "mystery" deeply, will be able to contact himself from a different dimension through Basho's "nightmare" at the moment. Was the rare Haisei a ninja? Bold frame division and direction, and powerful action scenes unique to Ishinomori appeal beyond mere Bashoden like a movie. An unfinished motivated work that digs up the unknown side through unspoken memories. It can be called a historical science fiction suspense.


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(Book drawn by Sekai Bunka)

Change the name 30 times. Relocating more than 90 times. Shotaro Ishinomori challenged the life of Katsushika Hokusai, who is known as "HOKUSAI", as a genius painter that Japan is proud of.

Born and raised in a book rental shop in the late Edo period, he became so absorbed in painting that he neglected to help the house, and after working as a woodblock carving, studied under the painter Katsukawa Shunsho. After changing the name several times, he called himself "Katsushika Hokusai", but he was unknown at that time. The action Hokusai took there ...! ?? Bold and delicate. Hot selling and destitute. The study of painting will continue for a lifetime, and you will be amazed at the life of the unborn genius "painter mad old man" who inspired many Western artists such as Impressionist painters and musicians!

Seventh kid from Hiraga Gennai's "Kokukoku Shinsho"

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("Business Action" Futabasha)

A book called "Kokukoku Shinsho" was discovered in which Hiraga Gennai left behind the true appearance of Tanuma Okitsugu! ??

Midori, a young female editor, was suddenly called by Dr. Yamanouchi of the "Palaeography Club" in college, and exchanged information from the encounter between young Hiraga Gennai and Tanuma Okitsugu, who are notorious for their reputation. We will proceed with the introduction of the system and the development of Ezochi (Hokkaido) in a way that is in line with historical facts.

What is politics? What is the economy? Is Okitsugu resembling a praiseworthy Ano politician? It is a work that tickles the intellectual curiosity that is typical of Ishinomori, in which the questions necessary for the world today are studded in a light story.

Sarutan -Kansho-

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("Big Gold" Shogakukan)

"If I was doing the laundry here, God would have come down ..." The season (later Liu Kun), who was born to the Liu family in a rural area of eastern China, to a mother and a farmer's father who had a mysterious dream I have a destiny, "he said, and went on a journey with his childhood friend, Gaozu. The world was unified with Qin, but the human heart was emaciated.

The formation of Qin Shi Huang that I happened to see in the city. Liu Kun, who decides that "Next is my turn !!", and the young man who passed each other were young Xiang Yu who also aimed at the world. A work that made the famous story "Xiang Yu and Liu Kun" into a bloody and exciting story directed by Ishinomori.

Grand Tour English School Excursion

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(Serialized in "Winds" Japan Airlines Cultural Business Center)

Learn and master. It may be the original form of a "school trip" ... Towards the end of the 18th century, the sons of British aristocrats were in the midst of a graduation trip called the "Grand Tour." A graduation trip that traveled around Europe to finish the school. The period is from several months to several years ...

It is customary for a tutor to accompany this tour as a basis weight, but in the first place, they themselves do not improve "foreign countries". In other words, it must have been the promised "rare journey" from the beginning.

Unfamiliar cultures and customs that you meet at your travel destination. In that sense, just reading this manga not only allows you to think about the European situation of this era and the original purpose of the school trip, but also prepares adults to see the world from a simple perspective. In that sense, it may be said that it is an indispensable gateway before stepping into the world.

Introduction to Affair Studies

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(A book drawn by Fusosha Publishing)

Which one did you invite? Isn't it a sin to be invited? In other words, what is an affair? It consists of a manga that pierces the heart with "Are there!" And "It seems ..." drawn based on 10 sets of true stories, and a column related to affair.

The psychology of a drowning human being, knowing that he is in love. I'm okay! However, is it better to put a precautionary line in advance to prevent many cases from being washed away? Or are you addicted to the sweet swamp of infidelity without realizing it? Should lawyers and the law get involved in the corner of my head before the smoke comes out?

Each episode, which is realistically depicted, even if it is an event of another person, should be something that makes the reader think.

Manga Japanese history

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(Newly drawn book by Nihon Keizai Shimbun)

A series that inspired manga to be called "Manga". An ambitious work that tried to unravel the "History of Japan", which had been difficult to remember until then, in a manga format of 55 volumes. Since then, attempts have been made to manga the history of Japan in various ways, and it is a run.

From "Wajin who started rice cultivation with the Qin Han Empire" to "High Growth Era", the detailed depiction of the history of this country and the important events in it is a must-see in manga. Of course, you can enjoy reading from where you are interested.

Manga superconducting course

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("QUARK" serialized by Kodansha)

"Superconductivity" where researchers around the world seek new inventions. Ishinomori's insatiable curiosity has come to fruition in a new way. Based on the knowledge from 1987 to 1988, its foresight and imagination for possibilities are truly quality that strikes Ishinomori. It's been 30 years since then. How advanced is the field of superconductivity? It is a book that can be used as an opportunity to think about it.

Introduction to Manga Japanese Economy

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(Newly drawn book by Nihon Keizai Shimbun)

In the 1980s, this work was made into a TV animation depicting the turbulent period of the Japanese economy, and since its release, various manga with a different "economy" theme have been published by other cartoonists and publishers. It will be published.

This volume is "Ann Taylor" organized by Philip & Parker Accounting Office in the United States to strengthen foreign exchange-related consulting business in Japan, and although it is a career of the Economic Planning Agency, it has a straightforward sense of justice. At the same time, "Kenta Igashima", which depicts the connection between Japanese bureaucrats and members of the tribe, and "Sawako Matsumoto," which explains the economic situation in Japan in 1987 as a story involving senior investigators from the US bank Manhattan Trust. It consists of.

You will be able to learn about the Japanese economy from different perspectives of the three protagonists.

Introduction to Manga World Economy

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(Newly drawn book by Nihon Keizai Shimbun)

A new attempt to explain not only the Japanese economy but also the situation in Japan that has shifted to the economy in the world with manga has started.

Although the circumstances change from moment to moment, this is an extremely rare series that I tried to explain in manga, including Ishinomori's interpretation of Japan's ideal place and required position in diplomacy including economic circumstances with other countries.

It may also be an opportunity to see the new horizon of the economy.