Gear Cyborg Co., Ltd. 009 Advertising & Interview


Cyborg 009 has been appointed as an advertising character for Gear Co., Ltd. from September 2020!

Gear Co., Ltd. operates iPnone Repair Aisapo at more than 170 stores nationwide with the aim of becoming a leading repair marketing company. We have been developing repair services since the launch of smartphones, and have a total of more than 800,000 repairs. As the chairman of the Mobile Terminal Registration and Repair Council, we comply with laws and regulations such as the Radio Law and the Telecommunications Business Law, and work with each carrier and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications to foster a third-party repair market.

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This time, we briefly talked to the president of Gear Co., Ltd.

Q. Did you know Shotaro Ishinomori?

Yes. I have loved manga since I was a kid, and I read and hunted various manga. Of course, I've known Shotaro Ishinomori since I was a kid. I had a strong image of sunglasses with a fluffy head, and I thought it was very unique.

Q. Have you ever seen Cyborg 009?

Cyborg 009 enjoys a lot from manga to movies. The lessons of my life are the raising of problems according to the background of the times and the struggle of 009s and their strong progress.

Q. Why did you use Cyborg 009 as your advertising character this time?

At our company, we attach great importance to the individuality of the staff who work, and let's create great power by cooperating with each other while expanding each area of specialty! That is our corporate philosophy. I felt that the concept of Cyborg 009 was matched in order to embody and view this corporate philosophy.
In addition, as a business, we provide repair services for smartphones and home robots. We believe that the era of repair services for robots and cyborgs will come in the not too distant future, and this is exactly in line with our business development image.

Q. Who is your favorite character in Cyborg 009?

It is 001 (Ivan whiskey). It's cute as a baby, and it's smart and quite strong. I also like the fact that I have to sleep for a few days after using my strength.

Q. Where is Cyborg 009 used in your company's development?


Q. What did you think was good about using Cyborg 009 as an advertising character this time?

I think it was good that we were able to improve corporate branding and increase awareness among our customers. Cyborg 009, which has many fans not only in Japan but also in the world, will be able to do good branding in business with overseas companies in the future.

Q. Please tell us about future developments.

Aiming to become a leading company in "repair marketing", we will develop repair services for various machines. One day, I would like to develop a cyborg repair like Dr. Gilmore.

Thank you very much!