Product-related information "Ganbareiwa !! Robocon Urara ~! Koisuru Juiceless Tantanmen !! Volume" DVD released


It was also aired as a live-action comedy robot work, following "Ganbare! Robocon" in 1974 (Showa 49) and "Burning! Robocon" in 1999 (Heisei 11), in the era of the new genre "Reiwa" Good luck! !! Robocon Urara ~! I'm back for the first time in 20 years as "Maki no Juiceless Tantanmen !!"

Literally, "Ganbare" and "Reiwa" will be applied, and Robocon will continue to help you well today! The character design has also been refined according to the times, but it has not changed to "Robocon-likeness", and of course the messy development caused by Robocon is still alive.

This time, while Robocon was going to the town's Chinese restaurant "Zenchu"'s son Hiroshi and Tornado Auntie, Robocon was so happy that he swung around the okamochi with the ordered tantanmen. Without…! With this "Shirunashi Tantanmen" as a trigger, Robocon's love Robin is involved, and the story eventually develops into a global turmoil ...! ??

This work, which was released at the theater in July 2020, will be released on DVD. Please enjoy the activities of Reiwa Robocon at any time.


Chiwa Saito [Robocon] (voice appearance)
Masashi Ebara [Gantz sensei] (voice appearance)
Kenichi Suzumura [Shirunashi Tantanmen] (voice appearance)
Nozomi Tsuchiya
Kazumasa Koura (Chief of Imoraizaka)
Yu Takahashi
Yasaburo Saburo
Michiko Shimizu

■ Original: Shotaro Ishinomori

■ Staff
Screenplay: Yoshio Urasawa
Director: Hidenori Ishida
Music: Toru Ishitsuka x Teje

Release date: Wednesday, December 2, 2020
Price: 2800 yen + tax
Video benefits: ◆ Trailer ◆ "Ganbare !! Robocon" Episode 1 ◆ "Burning !! Robocon" Episode 1
Publisher: Toei Video
Distributor: Toei

For details, please see the Toei Video Co., Ltd. Robocon special page.