Ishinomori Mangakan, Shotaro Ishinomori Hometown Memorial Latest Information

Did you know the two facilities in Shoto Ishinomori in Miyagi Prefecture where you were born?
The Shotaro Ishinomori Furusato Memorial Hall in Tome, where I was born, will celebrate its 20th anniversary on July 20, 2020 (Monday).
"Ishinomori Mangakan" in Ishinomaki City, which had a close relationship with Ishinomori, will also celebrate its 20th anniversary on July 23, 2021.
Although the effects of coronavirus infection have not completely subsided, we pray that we can welcome you soon and provide the latest information on each facility.

~ Shotaro Ishinomori Hometown Memorial Hall ~

Shotaro Ishinomori Character Design Exhibition

Shotaro Ishinomori Furusato Memorial Museum As a special project for the 20th anniversary from the opening of the museum, from July 18 (Saturday), Shotaro Ishinomori's design of hero characters is "What kind of process was it born?" We will hold a special exhibition to let you know. The attempt to create characters by interlocking with live-action works beyond the scope of manga expression has become a turning point that "opened the door of Ishinomori's grip work announcement from "magazine to TV". In this exhibition, "Kamen Rider" "Android Kikaider" "Ganbare!! Robot Con (Ganbare Robot Con)" Focusing on 8 works including, rough sketches, design drawings, reproduction originals and reproduction manuscripts are released. We will follow the process leading up to the decision of the character design with valuable materials and explanations. You can also enjoy the photo spots and "Let's make original characters" workshops. Please drop in when you go near us.


Shotaro Ishinomori Hometown Memorial (132, Ishimori-ji, Nakata-cho, Tome City, Miyagi Prefecture, 987-0601, Japan)

Holding period

Saturday, July 18, 2020 to Monday, November 23, 2020

Viewing fee

Adult 700 yen / Junior high school student 500 yen / Elementary school student 200 yen

*People under elementary school age can enter for free.

*Persons with a physical disability certificate, nursing certificate, and mental health and welfare certificate (including one caregiver) can enter the facility free of charge.

*Opening hours: 9:30 am to 5:00 pm *July 1 to August 31 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Closed day: Every Monday *If Monday is a national holiday, the next day

* Symptoms such as "a cold symptom or fever lasts more than 4 days (the same applies to those who have to continue to take an antipyretic drug)" "a strong drowsiness (malaise) or breathing difficulty (breathing difficulty)" and "a cough persists" Please refrain from visiting if you have

*We will take measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in the building, so please cooperate when visiting the building.

*The event period may be shortened or canceled depending on factors such as the spread of coronavirus infection. Please note.

~Ishinomori Mangakan~

Monument Bronze Statue on Manga Road

In March of this year, nicknamed "Manga Road," connecting JR Ishinomaki Station to Mangakan "Temporary Rider Black" A new bronze statue of "Shimamura Joe" has been added.

When you go near, please look for the monuments and bronze statues of many Ishinomori characters in the cityscape!

Mangatan DIGITAL

In "Comic Walker", you can read the comics serialized in Ishinomaki's comics & revival information magazine "Magcattan" published by Mangakan for free.

“Flying!” depicting the disaster and reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake Please enjoy comics such as "Ishinomori Mangakan" and "The Immortal Hero", which is the main character of Masaaki Endo, an anison singer from Ishinomaki who sings the theme song of Ishinomaki hero Seajetter Kaito.

Location: 2-7 Nakase, Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture, 986-0823
Phone number: 0225-96-5055
Admission fee: Adults 840 yen / Junior and senior high school students 520 yen / Elementary school students 210 yen

(Free for elementary school students and younger.)

*Admission ticket for the permanent exhibition room + special exhibition room.
*Show your physical, medical and mental health handbook → Free admission for the person and one accompanying person

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* "Symptoms and fever persist for 4 days or more (the same applies to those who have to continue to take antipyretic drugs)"
Please refrain from visiting if you have symptoms such as "feeling tired (malaise) or dyspnea (dyspnea)" or "keep coughing".

*We will take measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in the building, so please cooperate when visiting the building.