Ishinomori's work is included in Chikuma Bunko "Contemporary Manga Selection"!

Shotaro Ishinomori's work is reprinted in all eight volumes of "Contemporary Manga Selection", which has been published as a project to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the founding of Chikuma Shobo.

This is an attempt to "discover" the flow of Japanese "modern manga" for half a century since the 1960s, by Shohei Chujo, who is supervised by the general manager. Based on the idea of "exploring the uniqueness of manga expression, selecting" genuine ", and approaching the soul of manga that reflects the times," eight themes were set, and each was selected.

In the first volume, "Adventure of Expression" (selected by Shohei Chujo), as a "writer / work that brought technical innovation to manga". "Shotaro's Fantasy World Jun" "Wait" is recorded from.

The first volume "Adventure of Expression" includes "Waiting" at the beginning, followed by Fumiko Okada, Yoshiharu Tsuge, Seiichi Hayashi, Maki Sasaki, Mamoru Masaki, Kazuhiko Miyaya, Shinichi Abe, etc. , It is recorded in chronological order, centered on the writers who were active in "COM" and "Garo" in the 1960s and 1970s. Ishinomori, who has drawn shoujo manga for royal roads under the strong influence of Osamu Tezuka, reminds us that he released his experimental spirit at an early stage in "COM" and youth magazines.

And, in the second volume "Laughter said to destroy" (Nobuhiko Saito), which focuses on "gag manga, but pursues various aspects of <laughter> regardless of genre". "TV kid" With the first episode "Sartobi Ecchan" Contains the final episode of Part 3 of the "Weekly Margaret" series.

Ishinomori is "Introduction to Manga Artists" So, I explained the concrete and practical "how to draw gag manga", but it reveals that Ishinomori was searching for expressions from an early stage in the history of gag manga.

The following publications are scheduled for this selection.

Volume 3 "Daily Life" (Selected by Sasakibara Go) is being published
Volume 4 "The Future of Variants" (Selected by Haruyuki Nakano) Scheduled to be published in August
Volume 5 "The Age of the Spirit and the Body" (Selected by Fusanosuke Natsume) Scheduled to be published in September
Volume 6 "Pleasure of Evil" (Selected by Hideo Yamada) Scheduled to be published in October
Volume 7 "Fear and Wonders" (Selected by Tokushige Kawakatsu) Scheduled to be published in November
Volume 8 "Awakening of Girls" (Riku Onda) Scheduled to be published in December