Telework, online drinking party, etc.
A new style of work and communication at home is becoming established,
Sometimes it's stressful that you can't go out much.

As you think, "What kind of clothes are you going to wear today?"
You can also change your mood by choosing a background for your online meeting.

stone No I also created a virtual background for Mori's work.
If you set it in the background, it may make the air of the place softer.
Of course, you can use it as wallpaper on your computer!

* New backgrounds will be added in the future!
We will announce it on our homepage and official Twitter at any time. Please stay tuned!

* Notes on using virtual backgrounds
It is provided for the purpose of being used as a background for web / video conference applications, etc., for personal telecommuting, teleworking, distance learning, etc.
It cannot be used for commercial purposes, redistribution, etc.
If you would like to introduce us, please link to this site.

Virtual background No. 1Bullet
Sarutobi Ecchan ①

Virtual background No. 1Bullet
Sarutobi Ecchan ②