"Technology" drawn by Ishinomori

"Technology" such as AI, deep learning, and next-generation communication standard 5G, which has continued to accelerate even after entering the 21st century.

Shotaro Ishinomori has presented many works from the era of Showa, such as cyborgs and robots, as well as technology that gives a glimpse of technology in the setting. How close is reality to the drawn world?

This time, I would like to introduce the works from this perspective.

Kamen Rider

Takeshi Hongo is a remodeled human whose brains were remodeled by a shocker. Shockers try to trace the characteristics of real animals and insects when remodeling humans, giving individual differences to the remodeling humans, but in the case of Takeshi Hongo it was a grasshopper. In order to realize the jumping power of the grasshopper in human size, the whole body was strengthened, and the kick produced from that jump demonstrated superhuman power. It is these three frames that express higher jumping power than humans.

A lot of research has been conducted in recent years to utilize the body structure and abilities of animals and insects for advanced technology, but "to perform a treatment that combines the abilities of insects to power up a hero." It may be said that such an idea also leads to that. The Kamen Rider drawn as a strange person is also a child of technology.

Android kikaider

Kikaider, a robot made from scratch by humans. The most distinctive feature was the "conscience circuit (though imperfect)" that was built in so that it would not be used by an evil organization. The conscience circuit made Kikaider different from a mere obedient robot, and caused trouble between good and evil.

Replacing the conscience circuit with the human brain, it may be the amygdala or the orbitofrontal cortex that processes emotions, suppresses impulses, and makes decisions. The idea of clearly presenting that there is an "organ to judge right and wrong" rather than an obscure thing such as the mind, isn't it familiar to us in the present age of AI?

Do your best! !! Robocon

A hard worker who helps various things in daily life. The concept is now being realized by various types of robots and AI. The appearance of Roomba, who moves around and cleans, and connects it to charging himself, may be connected to Robocon somewhere. I feel that it will soon be possible to see robots that grow daily with hard work and guts.

Robot detective

K, a crime investigation robot developed by the Metropolitan Police Department. He has a steel body and a CPU that works as close to the human brain as possible, and works as a detective. In addition to high intelligence, he has a very rich feeling and sometimes even writes poems.

Many people talk about the theme of how human beings can deal with when artificial intelligence evolves, and how humans can cope with it, but by putting it in a job deeply related to the life and death of a person called a criminal, artificial The work that is typical of Ishinomori is that it depicts the area of suffering of intelligence.

Space Ironman Kyodyne

The setting of a cyberoid, which is a copy of the human character, seems to be predicting the war of the 21st century when it was said that machines fight for humans.

In the climax of manga, a huge robot suddenly appeared in Tokyo, causing people to panic and self-destruct, but there is a production that is similar to the current hologram and VR.