Cyborg 009 marks the 55th anniversary of the serialization!


For 55 years since then, it has been serialized in various magazines of many publishers such as "Weekly Shonen Magazine", "Monthly Shonen Jump", "COM", "Weekly Shonen Sunday", "Manga Shonen", "Shonen Big Comic", "SF Animedia", etc. It is a work that is considered to be the life work of Shotaro Ishinomori.

In 2019, the 55th anniversary of the serialization, various projects are underway. It will introduce a part of.


Manga serialization
Original: Shotaro Ishinomori

Manga: Tsuguo Okazaki / Akita Shoten "Monthly Champion RED" serialized from September 2019 issue

In the January issue released on November 19, 2019, in addition to displaying the cover, a calendar using the original picture of Shotaro Ishinomori is a bonus appendix.

Cyborg 009 Large Anatomy New Edition

[Book] (Sanei / On sale list price: 1,000 yen (excluding tax))

We have added new content to the "Cyborg 009 Large Anatomy" issued in 2014 and greatly improved the power.

Updated cover and color illustration gallery. In addition, all 25 pages of "Cyborg Warrior, Who Will Fight For You!" published in "Weekly Shonen Sunday" (Shogakukan) in 1980 are completely reproduced! !!

In addition, "Talking about Cyborg warrior members of Shotaro Ishinomori (re-recording interview)" is one book suitable for the 55th anniversary of the serialization.

Serial reproduction Cyborg 009 First volume / Second volume


(Kodansha/On sale List price: 3,600 yen each (excluding tax))

I was excited to read the excitement of the series! All two books, including "Underground Empire "Yomi"", "New Bomb

  • Reprinted in serialized magazine size with a focus on paper and ink
  • Not only 4-color and 2-color pages, but also the pictures, lines, frames, etc., which were modified when the book was made into a book, are restored according to the serialization.
  • Reproduce catches, notices, pillars, and page numbers as much as possible
  • Also includes advertisements and next notice cuts

Cyborg 009 silver accessory "accelerator"


(Fenomeno/Order sales from July 19th to September 9th *Orders are now closed)

The appearance of leaving the afterimage and running with the muffler running is a finish that seems to be heard by Joe's voice, "accelerator!"

The design of the internal mechanism seen from the afterimage respects the original original design drawn by Shotaro Ishinomori, and arranges it for accessories, and it is expressed in detail.

(Currently, orders are no longer accepted)

Cyborg 009 serialized 55th anniversary image necklace


(MATERIAL CROWN/July 19th-September 9th Graveyard gallery advance order, general order start from September 10th.

Advance orders + September orders will be shipped in November)

Introducing a calm accessory inspired by the character costume.

With the characteristic muffler as the main motif, "00" is expressed with two pyroxenes, "Red" and "Yellow", which are costume colors, and "9" is expressed with the flowing line of the muffler.

It is a small design that is easy to use for both men and women on a daily basis, and is filled with thoughts for 55 years.

Currently accepting general orders ( ).

90th anniversary of Osamu Tezaki's birth x Cyborg 009 serialized 55th anniversary collaboration product


・Two types of acrylic key chains 800 yen

・Postcard set (2 pieces, 1 type) 400 yen excluding tax

・Dress sticker (2 types) 400 yen excluding tax

・Two kinds of memo cans with magnets 1,000 yen excluding tax

・Canned bag with tote bag (2 types) 1,800 yen excluding tax

(Mime Corporation, May 22 release)

→ Tezaki characters and the members of Cyborg 009 celebrate their respective anniversary, and the two collaboration illustrations, in which costumes are exchanged and the characters are nariki, are drawn and drawn by Tezaki Production and Ishimori Pro respectively!


A product that uses the illustrations of "Narikiri Cyborg 009 by TEZUKA STARS" in which the Tezaki characters are wearing costumes of Cyborg 009, and the characters of the Cyborg 009 are wearing "Narikiri TEZUKA STARS by Cyborg 009" in costumes of the Tezaki characters Is on sale at Astro Boy Honpo in Asakusa, Tokyo.

Atom Hall Honpo

For Whom! Cyborg 009 Exhibition @ Graveyard Gallery-Cyborg 009 Large Anatomy New Edition Release Memorial ~

Osaka: July 19-August 5, 2019 (Graveyard gallery WEST)

Tokyo: August 21-September 9, 2019 (Graveyard Gallery Main Store)


For Whom! Cyborg 009 Exhibition @ Graveyard Gallery-Cyborg 009 Large Anatomy New Edition Release Memorial ~

Osaka: July 19-August 5, 2019 (Graveyard gallery WEST)

Tokyo: August 21-September 9, 2019 (Graveyard Gallery Main Store)


Sanei "Cyborg 009 Large Anatomy" launch and the event held from July 19th, "Cyborg 009 Day" to commemorate the 55th anniversary of the serialization.

In addition to the original limited items in the gallery of the graveyard, sales of various products such as capsule toys and soft vinyl, exhibition corners of other past toys and books, and a space where you can become a cyborg warrior!?

Cyborg 009 POP UP STORE [Graveyard Gallery Branch Office in Yamashiroya]


November 1 to November 30, 2019 (Yamashiroya)

The "Cyborg 009 Exhibition ~Cyborg 009 Large Anatomy New Edition Release Commemorative~" which ended with great popularity, the original cyborg 009 product of the graveyard gallery that was released here can be purchased at Yamashiroya in front of Ueno Station, Tokyo Pop-up store will continue to be held!


In addition, there are plans to be implemented during the anniversary period until July 18, next year. Stay tuned for more information!