"Paper feeling" beyond digital!
Super collection item that you can keep at hand
"All volumes, one volume, Shotaro Ishinomori" announced!

Scheduled to be released on December 20, 2019
(Currently accepting reservations)

152 e-books for 438 books are now only 3!

Ishinomori's work spans a wide variety of genres and a huge number of pages.

"There are not enough bookshelves to collect in a paper book"

“Reading e-books on smartphones and other digital devices is easy but unsatisfactory. My sense of collection as a favorite book has faded.”

"I'm glad that it can be carried overseas"

We were able to release this product if we could respond to such a voice.

“One volume” is a “book-type e-book” that adopts a content cassette system that inserts a cassette containing e-book data into a book-shaped device.

The most important point is the ease with which you can carry many books. There is no need to download each time because the book data is in the SD card. Such “ownership” is one of the attractions.

The feature is that it is easy to operate with a natural reading posture, and the feeling of reading as if you were reading in a paper book is just as it is. Because the screen is not a display emission format, it is easy on the eyes and can be read carefully.

The e-books recorded are based on the book data of “Shintaro Ishinomori Digital Encyclopedia” distributed by Kodansha.

There is actually a store where you can get the device of “one volume”.

Take this opportunity to have a new reading experience.

"One volume of the book Shotaro Ishinomori"

Man's Chapter (SF / Hero / Girl, etc., about 40,000 pages)

Hana chapter (drama / historical drama, etc., about 40,000 pages)

Mirror chapter (fantasy / gag / culture, etc. about 30,000 pages)


What is an ultra-high-definition electronic manga [one volume in total]?

About one volume https://progresstech.jp/zenkan/
“One volume” is a completely new type of device that combines the digital high capacity and the reading feel of paper books.


★ Same texture and appearance as paper books
“One volume” comes with a paper cover. In addition, we pay attention to details and realize the same style as a book. You can also enjoy a sense of reading.

★ The sense of turning the paper by reading it in a double-page spread
With the two screens as they are, the impact of the double-page spread unique to manga and the behavior of turning paper are faithfully reproduced.

★ Collection that satisfies bookshelves
While satisfying the “joy of owning” like a paper book with a moderate volume, it is possible to record as many books as there are bookshelves when converted into a book of paper.

★ Ease of operation that anyone can use intuitively
Turn it on when you open it. Turn it off when closed. A battery-powered electronic device that can be enjoyed in the same way as reading a paper book. There is no need for a network connection.

★ Easy content cassette type
If you want to read a different volume, replace the content cassette. Start up quickly and enjoy stress-free.

★ Even a huge number of works saves space
Shotaro Ishinomori's works spanning multiple genres and multiple titles are also compact enough to fit in a space of only a few centimeters.

"All Volumes, Shotaro Ishinomori" Chapter of "Yorozu" "(SF / Hero / Girl, etc.) 63 Works / Volume 159

<Recorded books>
Blue Moon Night / Red Fire and Black Kami / Akanbe Angel / Ako's Canary / Animal Academy Chome-chan / Android V / Ijidog Petit / Inazuman / Space Iron Man Kyodyne / Esper-chan / Emiko STORY / Otenba Banzai / Mysterious Hunter / Phantom Alliance / Guy Punch Series / Kamen Rider / Kamen Rider Amazon / Kamen Rider Black / Bijin Club / Gilgamesh / King Aladdin / Kurayami no Tenshi / Gringlas / Black Hitomi / Primitive Boy Ryu / Genma Taisen / Genma Taisen [Ryu] Publication version] / Cyborg 009 / Sarutobi Ecchan / GR number 5 / Shonen alliance / Shonen alliance [Shonen version] / New Genma Taisen / Android Kikaider / Skull Man / Sexador / SEX PY WOO man / 009 No. 1 / Thousand Eye teacher / And ... Nobody is gone / Time Tiger Bell / Second-class angel / Nijiko / Swan Lake / Bancho Planet / Secret Squadron Goranger / Flash Z / Blue Zone / Transformation Ninja Storm / Star Legend Agarta / Mama-san / Mottled string / Light blue ribbon / Three beads / Mutant sub / Maison Z / Ghost girl / Four-dimensional half-fold underlayment / Ryu no Michi / Rainbow squadron / Robot detective / Robot 7 / Wildcat

"All Volumes, Shotaro Ishinomori" Chapter of "Hana" "(Drama / Jidaigeki, etc.) 44 Works / Volume 156

<Recorded books>
Blue Kemono / Blue Man Kagami / Ishinomori Shotaro Tachikawa Bunko / Shotaro Ishinomori Reading Theater / Message from Space / Horses Go! / Sπ / Oedo Ichijuhachibun / The Human Livestock Yapoo / Strange Friends / Kunoichi Labyrinth Division Omiyasan / Kunoichi Predator Koinawa Scarlet Bird / Black Wind / Black Daikoku / The Star Bow / THE DOG WORLD / Sabu to Ichi Torimono / Sandara Bocchi / New Kunoichi Predator Oedo Scarlet 808 / New Black Wind / Stranger / Great Invasion / Taiyoden / Bannai Tarao / Detective Dou Clan / Iron Surface Detective Gennai / Tokiwosuru / Todemo House / Knight and N day / Shooting star 53rd / Buying trouble hangout 帖 Kunoichi Ryu / Basho / Yahyakucho front and back cosmetics / Hiraga Gennai "Kokukoku Shinsho" 7th kid / Focus delegation Asahi Bunzaemon / Hokusai / HOTEL / HOTEL Chonmage version HATAGO <Hatago> / Manga MUKASHI story / Miyamoto Musashi / Folk story series / Dark wind / Drunk detective Iron surface cross / Warkaro

"All Volumes, Shotaro Ishinomori" Chapter of "Mirror" (Fantasy / Gag / Culture, etc.) 45 Works / 123 Volumes

<Recorded books>

Red Reindeer / Animal Farm / Amazon Baby / Ishimori Manga Gakuen / Oto-chan / Kakedase Dash! / Kinaru Yatsura / Goochoki Pakkon / Grand Tour English University Study Trip / Kojiki / GOLF Parapsychology Course / Saru Tan -Kanjiki- / Shiawase-kun / CM Koma-chan / CM bastard / Shotaro's Fantasy World Jun / George! George / 7P / Chikkun Takkun / Chanchiki Gappa / TV Boy / TV Boy (Shonen Book / Adventure King Edition) / My Neighbor Tamageta-kun / Donkikko / What? What! / Niichan Tank / 2001 Baseball trip Guts GO! Majin Army / Vampire / Unexplored 3,000 km / Firebird Futarou / Fire Mountain Boy / Introduction to Affair Studies / Jun in the Magic World / Disciple of the Wizard / Introduction to Manga Artist / Manga Study Group / Introduction to Manga World Economy / Manga Introduction to Japanese Economy / Manga Japanese History / Masterpiece Picture Dowa / Mo Degree Yarou / Ghost Ship / Ryujinnuma / Old Child Road

[Selling price]
"All Volumes, Shotaro Ishinomori Complete Set" 175,200 yen (excluding tax)
"All Volumes, Shotaro Ishinomori" Chapter of "Yorozu" "63,600 yen (excluding tax)
"All Volumes, Shotaro Ishinomori" Chapter of "Hana" "62,400 yen (excluding tax)
"All Volumes, Shotaro Ishinomori" Chapter of "Mirror" "49,200 yen (excluding tax)
* To read the work, you need the device itself, which is sold separately.
* The binding design is subject to change without notice.

Whole volume one book device body

[About pre-order sales of products]
Reservation start date: Saturday, October 26
Release date: December 20th (Friday)
Reservation reception stores: TSUTAYA / Tsutaya bookstores nationwide

The following stores have a sample display of the entire volume.
Ginza Ashiya Shoten, SHIBUYA TSUTAYA, Umeda Ashiya Shoten, Roppongmatsu Ashiya Shoten, Hakodate Ashiya Shoten, Ebetsu Ashiya Shoten, TSUTAYA BOOKSTORE Gotanda, TSUTAYA EBISUBASHI

* Internet reservations are also accepted at the following 2 stores.
Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore EC site (https://store.tsite.jp/)
Umeda Tsutaya Bookstore EC site (https://shopping.geocities.jp/umd-tsutayabooks/)
Reservation method: Please apply after paying the price at the above store or EC site.

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