I could understand it with manga!
Kaleidoscope of Ishinomori "Practical Manga"

Shotaro Ishinomori, who proclaimed that he was a painter, "everything can be expressed in manga." History, economy, new technology, and even more.

I also challenged the genre of practical manga for adults, which had not yet been established at the time. Shotaro Ishinomori, who used to input one book or one movie before going to bed every night since he was young, has been energetically transforming various events into manga (manga) using his abundant knowledge and insight. Has been focused on. It may be natural that the awareness of not only the expression of the work but also the possibility of manga as a tool turned out.

Inheriting that spirit, Ishimori Pro is still producing practical manga with the theme of "telling it in a way that is easy to understand with manga." I will also introduce some of them.

Introduction to manga artists

Comics classroom of Mr. Shotaro Ishimori

Ishinomori Manga Academy

Comics study group

GOLF Parapsychology Course

Introduction to manga Japan economy

Manga Superconductivity Course

Manga Japanese history

Introduction to affair

Introduction to manga world economy


"Practical" manga produced by Ishimori Pro

Manga: Introduction to Japan and the World Economy (2018)

Supervisor: Shinya Yamada
Manga Ishimori Pro Sugar Sato

Ishimori Pro Sugar Sato

Economic comics that blew out in the 1980s revived as a near-future story set in the VR world! From the latest word such as "card trade economy", "immigration problem", "way of working way", "yen depreciation · yen appreciation" , "Funds", "finance" and so on to the foundation of the economy. By understanding each term and grasping the overall flow, you will confront the fundamental problems lurking in the Ulla of the modern economy! For examination, job hunting, reviewing economics -. "Come and have fun learning" manga!

Introduction to Manga Retirement (2019)

Supervision: MUFG Asset Formation Institute
Manga: Ishimori Pro Sugar Sato

Ishimori Pro Sugar Sato

Create a happy second life for 100 years of life!
Employment extension, entrepreneurship, nursing care, local emigration, middle-aged divorce, etc.-Ishimori's manga shows how to prepare for life events that occur around the retirement age.