This year's publication of Shotaro Ishinomoka


This year, the 81st anniversary of his birth, various publications related to Shotaro Ishinomoka will be planned and presented. Not only fans, but also young people who are "starting to care" anew, it is only a book that I would like you to get your hands on!

Genma War "Original Complete Version" 1.2

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In 1967, a sci-fi manga was serialized in "Weekly Shonen Magazine" in a team with science fiction writer Kazukazu Hirai. It is an aizo version that adds a lot of contents with high material value, such as mr. Hirai's raw manuscript that was recently excavated, as well as the main manga reproduced as it was when the magazine was published.

Bungei Bessan Sogei Special Feature Shotaro Ishinomor: The Genius of Manga, Who Fights for It.

Kawadeso Shobo Shinsha


For what purpose did Shotaro Ishinomoka continue to draw a group of works that would go down in the Guinness Record? Long interviews that get to the heart of it, "Cyborg 009 Conclusion" concept notes, and interview articles such as Fujiko Fujiko Fujio× (A) who look back on his own work with his allies while he was hospitalized in his last years, "Visit Ding-ding" and other interview articles.

Manga Super evolution (Kawade Bunko)

Kawadeso Shobo Shinsha


Shotaro Ishinomoriyama will play the host role, discussing the past, present, and future of manga with super-gorgeous members kazuo Koike, Fujiko Fujio (A), Saito Takata, and Osamu Tezuka. A historical dialogue book published at the milestone of the heisei era when Osamu Tezuka died. A special recording of the essay manga "Like the Wind...", in which the "Manga Declaration" was held.

Saki and City Captures Edo Living Volume (Uchikuma Bunko)

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