"Blue Man Flower Mirror" Part 1

He has drawn many works, countless masterpieces of feature films, and of course, there are many memorable short films. If you compare it with a novel, there are quite a few works that are my novels, if you look at the author's work group. Looking at such works side by side, I feel that there are many stories about events in my hometown and the Tokiwa era after moving to Tokyo.

The work I'm going to talk about this time is one of my novel short stories, but I'm a person who never makes a soft noise or complains about the existence of my sister and the anguish of those days. I often know the true feelings through my works. In that sense, this work is painful and painful, but after reading it, I can get a glimpse of the depths of the author's heart, driven by sad feelings in a good way, and it seems to be very important for my relatives. ..

The story begins inside the Tohoku Main Line bound for Sendai, the author's hometown. You can understand how old the year when this was drawn is not the Shinkansen but the appearance of adding cigarettes in the car. A boy who looks just like "Jun", one of the author's masterpieces, sits next to him and looks into the kaleidoscope. If you borrow it and look into the author himself, a boy sitting next to you will appear, and the time the boy spends will flow like a running horse light. Of course, the boy is the author himself. A scene of playing in the wilderness as a boy and showing the Manga that he drew to his sister. When I take my eyes off the kaleidoscope and turn to the side, the boy is no longer there and my sister is sitting.

Looking at the kaleidoscope again, this time it was a youth. The older sister is comforting her enthusiastic drawing of Manga, which is strongly opposed by her father, and the drawing is torn by her father and overwhelmed by sadness. Even now, I am amazed at the skill of the author who tells all of them with the composition of engraving them on the eight octagonal screens of a kaleidoscope.

As an aside, the cuts in which the Ishinomori Manga character appears in this work are currently carved in the author's grave. Returning to the story, when I remove it from the kaleidoscope again, this time, a young man who looks just like Jun is sitting.

When the author asked where he was going, the young man said, "To Tokyo." If the author denies that he was on the Sendai line but not, he sees smoke flowing from the train window and notices that he is on a locomotive bound for Tokyo. From here, it will be my life after moving to Tokyo. At that time, I felt like I was picking up what the author thought and what kind of suffering I had, and even when I read it again, I followed the frames with great interest.

This story will come again next time.

Shotaro Ishinomori I saw