"Shotaro Ishinomori One-shot Theater 2nd Coloron Colone, Red of the Far Day"

There are many disciples in Ishimori.
When I say that, I think that the humble person seems to be shy and denies the word "disciple".
In the olden days, there are many teachers who have left the nest from assistants, such as Go Nagai, Mitsuru Sugaya, and Akira Hio.

Among them, I would like to talk about Mr. Sugar Sato, who has been working as an assistant for a long time.
He has narrow eyes, is quiet, and is humble.
Even though the assistant work of a prolific Man painter was extremely busy, he continued to draw his own Man painting even after returning home.
Then, when I applied for the prize of the newcomer manga artist Toryumon of the youth magazine Manga magazine, I won the prize.

One of the judges was Ishimori's name. Ishimori, who is strict with himself, treats his loved ones resolutely.
It's like a lion's parent pushing his child down the valley.
Ishimori, who has such strict eyes, will not give a prize just because he is his disciple.
I think that it was because it was a really excellent work that I gave the proof that I acknowledged you.

When he received the award for excellence, Professor Sato's pseudonym was Grotesque Sato.
The first thing that surprised me, and the more surprising thing, was that such a quiet person gave the name of a teacher like this villain professional wrestler.
The title is "Gatangoton".
It was a work depicting sexuality and madness set in a depopulated village in the countryside.
I was also surprised that Professor Sato drew this work.
The pictures and touches are just like Ishimori. And I used to draw the world view and Ishimori.

After reading the one-shot theater for the first time in a while, I thought of Professor Sato's face.
The sound of the title "Kara-n-koro-n", the world of "red in the distant day".
The murder case that took place in an old country house, the world of eroticism and madness, was inherited by his disciple, Professor Sato.
Mr. Sato's pen name was newly named by Ishimori and renamed Sugar Sato, but I think it was applied to Sato and sugar (sugar).
I remember laughing a little at how to name it like a Takeshi army.

When Ishinomori was fighting against illness, Professor Sato wrote "HOTEL" and "History of Japan".
Not only grotesque works, but also the fact that you can draw a sweet touch like sugar is proof that Ishinomori and Ishinomori DNA are inherited.

Shotaro Ishinomori I saw