"Shotaro Ishimori Yomige Theater 3rd Sea Room"

From 1969 to 1970, this collection of reading works was published in play comics. Because it is an adult magazine, of course, it is no doubt that there are many stories about subjects for adults. As expected, it was not an elementary school, but it was about junior high school. I'm also an adolescent, and if there is a man-painting with an ops out, I'll look at it secretly (laughs) I remember reading it at such a time, but I was already deprived of my eyes only by the nakedness of the female body (laughs), and the story was not lost.
Thanks to this opportunity, I was able to touch the work again, but after reading it, I fell into a strange feeling, it was surreal, philosophical and absurd, and if I like it in a movie, I feel the touch of Europe and art works, not Hollywood movies. It's not an entertainment, but for those who like avant-garde work, there's no such masterpiece.
The first work of the Yomier Theater is "Room of the Sea". The story of a beautiful woman suddenly visiting the midsummer apartment of The Ronin. The opening can only be written by the author who continued to live in an apartment even after getting married from Tokiwa Sou. There is no cooler, and a sultry room in midsummer can be transmitted just by reading it. There is no line "hot", from the appearance of the apartment where the sun shines, to the depiction of an in motionless wind chime, expressing that there is no wind, just a man of the main character who is sweaty and stares at the ceiling, it is clear what kind of situation it is just with his expression. That's a good idea.

Suddenly a beautiful woman came to visit me, but I was drawn in by an unsatholy woman, understanding that it was an absurd work. While thinking that she is hallucinating because of the heat, the woman looks like her mother, or whether she is a former woman, a person in her first love, or a current lover. I have a physical relationship with the woman, but even after the thing is over, I see a woman who feels every time she smokes out in the ashtray of a shell, and it is noticed that she is a woman reminiscent of the shell and the sea. Seawater blows out of the shellfish, the room becomes the sea, and the last ends with a picture of a baby, launched, even seen by a gray-haired old man, along the coast. A man's watch is wrapped around his arm, so you can understand that he is the main character.
It's a style that makes the reader think and feel like they want to throw it, without making any conclusions, and it's surreal like the star child of the last in "2001: A Space Journey." This kind of work must not follow the theory. It's something you like, like watching a painting. After all, it can only be published in adult magazines.

Shotaro Ishinomori I saw