"The Legend of the Star Agarta Part 1"

This work is really impressive. I was in elementary school. Immediately in the neighborhood, my junior high school sister was reading a weekly girl comic series serializing "Agarta". One day, he came to me and asked, "Tell me what happened." He wanted to know the continuation of the last scene of one week, so he couldn't wait until the next week. Even my sister in this neighborhood, I remember sincerely respecting the creators who draw works that want to know and want to know more.

The author is often thought to be working on many works received by men, but is also known to have a very large number of women who support it. I hear that there are many female manga artists who are currently active and respect the author. I have also heard that the work "Cyborg 009" started with the support of women. In the first place, a new work of "Cyborg 009", which was highly supported by women, was also published many times in the women's magazine, and it seemed that the serialization of "Agartha" from that flow started.

In that sense, it is a series of content. The enthusiasm begins with a metafiction prologue. Metafiction is, in a nutshell, a fictional work like non-fiction. In this work, the creator suddenly appears, and the main character of "Agarta" begins by visiting Shun Kuroki, the hero who wanted to be an assistant and used to write the name and idea of Manga at that time. The manga that Shun brought is titled "Agarta".

I don't mean this story is true. Because he did not see it. After hearing, examining and connecting them together, they narrate as a narration of the author himself as a story written near the truth and enter the main story. It's like a metafiction model.

Mr. Marrick would call it "hand power." It's the same as starting a show if you're a magician and say "no seeds or gimmicks". When I read it after a long time, I was absorbed in this knife. I meet the creator's fan and a UFO near woman (Remi Tachibana) at the coffee shop and smell the feeling of falling in love. Opening like a storybook textbook.

Next time we will talk about the main story.

Shotaro Ishinomori I saw