"Night has a thousand eyes" Episode 1


I think that many of Ishimori's works have many characters that make it easy to understand their character and what kind of person they are, just by looking at the characters.

One of them is "Night has a thousand eyes." At first glance, the lord's comrade who the hero visits as a tutor can only be seen as a "bad person". I think that there is a revenge of being a good person even if you think that you are a bad person, but if the genre of Manga has both merits and demerits, it is probably that you are making the most of it. Thanks to that, you can engage the audience in a mysterious mood without the tedious explanations of novels.

What's more, a man who only looks like that villain visits and draws up to the point of requesting the owner of the house, and advances the story without revealing the contents. And just before entering the climax, remind them of the conversation at that time. The timing of recollection was really vivid, and I groaned here.

Although the author did not have a teacher who taught me how to create a story, the reason why I was able to beautifully understand this story creation technique when I was young is because of the surprisingly large amount of reading and the hobby of watching movies. I think I remembered it.

And the climax. That title song is always playing in the frame. The time it takes to take a sniper, the emotions of each person, and the music as a background, follow each person's facial expression. In this case, the composition and composition of the frame are so moody that I fall into the illusion of watching a movie rather than reading a Manga.

It doesn't feel as old as it was drawn in the 1955s. I think that is the result of the author, who has always tried to experiment, without going into protection. The more I think about it, the more my growling doesn't seem to stop.

Shotaro Ishinomori I saw