"Shotaro's Fantasy World Jun" Part 2

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I heard that the concept was to write poetry just with pictures.
There is no dialogue, and each image is connected one by one.
There is no work that is so difficult to evaluate, or no work that you must not say in words.
If there are ten people, each of them should have a different way of receiving and feeling. If you compare it in an easy-to-understand manner, it may be close to appreciating a painting.

There is a picture called "sunflower" drawn by Van Gogh. Some people feel vitality by watching it, others feel loneliness in the sunflower that they have dropped. Some people may feel chaos in the sunflower packed in a vase.
Besides, I feel like I do not care about concrete evaluation, whether it is good or bad, the curve is sweet, the quality of the paint is bad.

The important thing is that you want the picture to be free to touch the sensitivities and subtleties of different people, and you may also feel the recipient.
"Jun" is just such a work.
In a hot age supported by the avant-garde of the sixties, like Angra theater, it is not an art that throws away from the upper row, saying, "I only need to know to those who understand." Please feel as if you feel like being gently wrapped.

Ishimori wasn't trying to draw self-satisfied, put the reader in place, and let it go, but I felt like I was drawn to the person who reads the poem with the feeling that I would like to offer the person who appreciates the picture. It must not be
The attitude is well accepted and won the Shogakukan Comic Award for this work.
Surely a lot of people remember the impression that the goose-skins stand in a story without a story, and would have finished each edition as they like.
It will continue forever from the new generation.
Yes, like Jun's journey-.

Shotaro Ishinomori I saw