"Cyborg 009 Struggle with Gods" Part 2



Until then, the fans of the enthusiastic enthusiastic appealed that they wanted to begin writing the continuation of "Angel's edition" as soon as possible, and began to criticize the work as if the palms were returned this time It was.


"Do not write with self-satisfaction" "I do not understand the story at all" "This is not 009" The method accepted in "Jun" seems to have been completely unacceptable in the world of "Cyborg 009" is. In the past, your home address appeared in magazines as a fan letter destination. So such a sharp letter arrives at home like a mountain. Moreover, the critics are anonymous people who rarely write addresses or names. In today's internet society, it will be burning. In the past and in the past, people who criticize humans are those who never give their name, do not show their appearance, and say in shadow.

Since then Ishimori has not sealed anything for anonymous letters. I remember thinking that the criticism of anonymity seemed so cowardly, that real fans also needed tolerance to accept failures, and also to the child mind.

I was criticized for seeing the painful Ishimori's appearance, who could only put up with no blogs and SNS, as it is now, in the era when there is no blog or SNS like this, It is true that people began to say things clearly.

Shotaro Ishinomori I saw