"Cyborg 009 Vietnam" Part 2

This Vietnam prologue explains that human history is the history of struggle. It begins by asking whether it is instinct, energy for civilization's progress, or necessary evil. I think that it will not change in any way during the Cold War between East and West, when I wrote this work, and in the present day. Civil wars continue in the Middle East and other african continents. This is because china's maritime expansion, military tensions in East Asia such as North Korea, terrorists scattered around the world, and the problems of the Islamic State are so long that it is not strange for a large-scale war to occur at any time.

Cyborg warriors who will eventually have to face God always carry the great proposition of "who fights for", but that is true of humanity. I think it was this Vietnam edition that put it head-on in the prologue as to who would fight for it.

By the way, I really wanted to say that in this Vietnam edition, there is a combat car with spider-like legs called the Black Monster issue prepared by the black ghost group. In the second half, dozens of snake-shaped robotic weapons combine with the monster and move like octopus feet. In fact, disney's "Mr Incredible" anime movie has a weapon that looks exactly like it, but when I saw it, I thought, "It's Vietnam! I was about to shout. I wouldn't say pakuri. I realized once again that people who work creatively overseas are greatly influenced by Japanese manga and anime.

But if you're a Ishinomori manga fan and you've seen Mr. Incredibles and you've been shocked like me, where are you? Oh, I want to share this shock with someone (laughs)

Shotaro Ishinomori I saw