`` Drunk detective iron face cross '' 2

Speaking of a drunk hero in me, I remember the first of Abu Mizushima's Abu-san. In recent years, I have become a superhuman person, but at first, I was reluctant to set up a souvenir shop, and I could see my life there. Although it was a youth magazine called Big Comic, there was a taste of it, but is it only a man painter, Shotaro Ishimori, who can draw a drunk setting dignifiedly in a boy's magazine?

This character adds an octopus foot, just as Koreshi Monjiro always adds a toothpick. I really like this small item that I know I'm drunk with a single shot. , Deformation allowed because of manga.

Manga is great because you can do it. By setting it as an iron surface, you can transform it into a variety of faces by changing the mask over it. It is true that the device that can be disguised as another person, such as Tarao Bannai, was calculated.



Shotaro Ishinomori I saw