`` Shotaro Ishimori Yukigiri Theater 1st deceit picture ''


Unlike short editing with one theme, it would have been a lot of fun to be able to make a presentation without being tied to the theme you want to draw at your own discretion. The creator of Shotaro Ishimori, of course, has many opportunities to concentrate on entertainment as a professional, but his temperament is that he tends to like something avant-garde.
If you compare it to science fiction movies, “Star Wars” and “2001 Space Journey” would like the latter overwhelmingly.
In particular, this "Yomigiri Theater" seems to be overflowing with thoughts from the top, so that the author feels like drawing the world he wants to do without hesitating to the reader. Every time you experiment with the world you want to do from a different perspective, opening the door of the mysterious world one by one, even if you are reading, you can enjoy various worldviews like a lunch box in the curtain And it will give the answer to readers so that adults can appreciate it.
One of those works is the "Deceived Picture" that I will introduce this time. As the title suggests, the style of deceiving the reader one after another, like the deceptive picture that can be seen variously depending on the illusion of the viewer, feels even more exhilarating.

A man jumps suddenly from boyhood into the future and is chased by a UFO to have a relationship with a woman on a devastated earth that seems to be a post-nuclear war world, then it becomes a virtual, specialized shop and modern Invite to the future world. So if you have a relationship with a street girl, you will notice that it is a modern hospital. If you think it was a hypnotic treatment for female phobia, it would really end with a good idea that it was a treatment to tame an Earthling kept in an alien on another planet. In this story-like story, the author would surely advance the brush, thinking that the reader would be fooled. While reading, I imagined an author who smiled and smiled.
I read `` Yomikiri Theater '' in a book, but just by turning pages and pages, the touch of the picture for each work is changed, there is a historical drama, there is a science fiction, there is a ghost story, there is metafiction, and it's just exciting You. So, let me talk a little more about this Yomiuri Theater.

Shotaro Ishinomori I saw