"Cyborg 009 Dazzling Dog (Kubikuro)"

In the world of actors, there is a phrase that "is incompatible with animals and children." No matter how good the actor is, if animals or children appear, they will all be eaten. When I'm actually in that world, it feels right. Ishimori knows about this, and has introduced animals in the early days of Cyborg 009. Besides, it is a short film.

One is “Golden Lion”. The story of a lion feeding on nuclear isotopes in Africa. And "Kubikuro". Cyborg 009 is exciting as well as feature film, but short films that focus on each cyborg are very tasteful, with many emotional works that touch the subtleties of the mind.

Joe, the main character, helps the puppy who was in a traffic accident with his owner, and begins living together. Looking at the scratches on the head and having fun while knowing that it is a remodeled dog, if you know the existence of a criminal who runs away, you go to revenge and burn the criminal with the power of remodeling. In that case, Joe regrets helping, and at the end he has to fight.

This may be a story that impresses even humans, but I think the dog setting is exquisite. Meet in the spring, spend the summer, break up in the winter, the theme of the cyborg 009, "Who fights for" in a small number of pages, let the dog appeared and tell the intention of the author You.

Since I was a kid, there were more than 10 dogs in my house during my heyday. The story of a human being who has the ability to ignite a person with dedication was written by a later writer, but the sad ending of a dog that grows up in a short time from a puppy while snuggling with a human being is a dog lover Even if you are not yourself, you will not be able to read without tears. This is definitely a gem.

Shotaro Ishinomori I saw