How was the first “ISHIMORI MAGAZINE” 2020 vol.8?

January, when Ishinomori Shotaro's birthday and anniversary come. This month is an emotional time for Ishimori Pro every year.

In this issue, we introduced the words of Shotaro Ishinomori in a special feature.

People living in the modern world may have words that remain in their hearts or gently push their backs.

I hope you can look at each word from various angles.

At the end of the feature, we reprinted a previous interview with US comic master Stan Lee. Please take a look at the valuable conversation between the two who have produced numerous works in each country.

It also introduces the renewal of the Youtube channel “[Official] Ishimori Pro” and the newly launched “[Official] Ishinomori Manga TV”.

We will distribute programs with different characteristics on two types of channels, so please try to subscribe.

ISHInoMORI DNA is interviewing Kazuichi July and Masato Hayase (Professor Ishimori) who teamed up for "Genma Taisen Rebirth".

We hope you enjoy the story, a secret story, completed by the two who inherited the intentions of Professor Kazumasa Hirai and Shotaro Ishinomori.

The next “ISHIMORI MAGAZINE” is scheduled for spring. looking forward to.