"Shotaro Ishinomori ART TOY FES." Held at Seibu Shibuya store from IN SHIBUYA 9/8 (Saturday)!

"Shotaro Ishinomori ART TOY FES." Held at Seibu Shibuya store from IN SHIBUYA 9/8 (Saturday)!

In commemoration of the 80th anniversary of Shotaro Ishinomoka's birth, toy creators and hobby makers who love Ishinomor forest works gather! "Shotaro Ishinomoka art TOY FES." IN SHIBUYA will be held from Saturday, September 8, 2018.

In addition to art hobby such as soft vinyl by popular creators, fashion accessories by apparel brand designers, arts and crafts with shining craftsmanship, exhibitions and sale of various collaboration products such as 80 kinds of T-shirts commemorating the 80th anniversary of Shotaro Ishinomoriyama's birth, "Archive Exhibition" introducing a number of works by Shotaro Ishinomomori, On weekends, there is also a talk show by famous people related to Ishinomoriyama's works. In addition, various valuable exhibits will also appear at the venue from "Ishinomaki Mangakan" in Ishinomaki. In addition, general character goods are also packed with hobby maker cooperation. It is a toy festival that can be enjoyed by small children, fathers, and families without being a Fan of Ishinomomori. Please come and visit us!

① Outline of the event
■タイトル:「石ノ森章太郎ART TOY FES.」IN SHIBUYA
■会場:西武渋谷店 モヴィーダ館6階 特設会場

② About Limited Hobby Sales by Creator
■販売:9月8日(土)より抽選式入場整理券※にて販売 ※詳細は9月7日(金)午後9時より西武渋谷店HPにて公開。

③ About selling in department stores
Sogo · Seibu's shopping site "e. Department store" will also sell.
〇販売期間:9月8日(土)午前10時~23日(日) ※限定ホビーは9月14日(金)販売

④ Participation schedule maker · creator
〇 Medicom · Toy
〇 Swimmy Design Laboratory
○ Konatsu
Tanggu Art et al