stone No Mori virtual background/wallpaper

If you set it as the background for an online meeting, it may make the atmosphere of the place easier.
You can use it as wallpaper for your computer or smartphone, so please download and use it.

A note on using virtual backgrounds
It is provided for the purpose of using it as a background for Web / TV conference applications, etc. for personal teleworking, teleworking, distance learning, etc.
It cannot be used for commercial purposes, redistribution, etc. If you would like to introduce us, please link to this site.

How to set

ZOOM Usage as a virtual background in online meetings
Please use it according to the background setting method in the tool or application that allows you to make web conferences and video calls.
Note that settings may not be possible depending on some tools and apps, and the device you are using.

PC And how to use as wallpaper on smartphone
Please use according to the background setting method on your PC or smartphone.
Although we do not permit image processing or modification,
When using it, you can change the image size and adjust the image to fit the screen.

Virtual background / PC wallpaper download (horizontal)

Download wallpaper for smartphone (vertical)

Android When iPhone For many models of 720 × 1280 "

iPhoneX For series 1125 × 2436 "