009 Exhibition at Tokyo, Osaka's Graveyard Gallery

Who is it for! Cyborg 009 exhibition at Graveyard Gallery in Tokyo and Osaka

石ノ森章太郎の代表作『サイボーグ009』連載開始55周年を記念し、「誰がために!サイボーグ009展@墓場の画廊〜サイボーグ009大解剖 新装版発売記念〜」が墓場の画廊中野本店、墓場の画廊WEST両店にて開催されることが決定!

July 19 (Friday) The “Cyborg 009 Great Anatomy New Edition” published by Sanei Shobo on “The day of Cyborg 009” and a strong tag are combined, and this special event brings you closer to the charm of each successive work.

In addition to valuable toys and panel displays at the time of the 79th year TV anime airing, new items and limited soft vinyl created for this event will be released.

Osaka will be held on Friday, July 19, the day of Cyborg 009.
Tokyo starts on Wednesday, August 21!

Enjoy 55 years of cyborg 009 world!

※ follow-up is at any time Graveyard Art Gallery Official HP I will inform you of.

★ Sanei Shobo [Cyborg 009 Large Anatomy New Edition] release decision! From the "Digging Up Japanese Masterpiece Manga" Sanei Shobo's Large Autopsy Series, "Cyborg 009 Grand Anatomical New Edition" will be released on Friday, July 19, the day of Cyborg 009. The Large Autopsy series released in 2014 as a 50th anniversary preservation version has come back with power-up to commemorate the 55th anniversary of birth! It becomes a new version and a new highlight is full! In addition, in commemoration of the release of this place, some contents will be exhibited on the panel at the graveyard gallery. Don't miss the success of nine war demons of each age!
■Sanei Shobo "Cyborg 009 Great Autopsy New Edition" / 1,000 yen (tax excluded)

★ 7/20 (Sat) MELLOW MELLOW will perform the cover "Tagatameni" of Cyborg 009 OP "Who Is for" live and hold an in-store event!

MELLOW MELLOW, who worked as an ambassador for "Ishinomori Shotaro ART TOY FES.", will be held live at Shinsaibashi BIG STEP Central Grand Staircase!


In addition, after each live, a special event will be held in the graveyard gallery WEST store. Let's enjoy the whole world of Cyborg 009 from music! * The contents of the in-store event will be announced on the website as soon as it is decided.

"MELLOW MELLOW Mini Live in Shinsaibashi BIG STEP ~Tagatameni~"
≪ Schedule≫ Saturday, July 20 ≪ Venue ≫ Shinsaibashi BIG STEP Grand Staircase Landing Space ≪ hours ≫ 12:00~/14:30~ free viewing ≫ ≪ participation conditions

MELLOW MELLOW Buyer Benefits Event
≪ schedule≫ Saturday, July 20 ≪ venue ≫ graveyard gallery WEST ≪ time ≫ 13:00~/15:30~ ≪ participation conditions ≫ those who purchase related products during the event period 3,000 yen or more including tax, we will give it to customers who wish to participate in the event.

※ We will inform you of the in-store event contents on HP as soon as it is decided.
※ It will be distributed up to one per person.
※ Distribution will end as soon as the ticket is lost.
※ Please come to the store at the time listed on the ticket.
I will guide you in order.
※ Please note that we do not reissue tickets for loss or damage.
※ Please join according to the instruction of the staff. If you do not follow the instructions, you may refuse to attend.
※ Due to natural disasters and unforeseen circumstances, we may change or cancel the content. Please note.


New items produced for ★ event appeared one after another! In commemoration of the holding of "Who Is For Cyborg 009 Exhibition @ Graveyard Gallery - Cyborg 009 Grand Anatomy New Edition Release Commemoration", new items appear one after another! Apparel full of graveyard art galleries, stationery, smartphone goods, etc. will appear one after another! Currently in intensive production. Don't miss the follow-up!

【大阪・開催概要】 「誰がために!サイボーグ009展@墓場の画廊 〜サイボーグ009大解剖 新装版発売記念〜」
会場:墓場の画廊WEST(入場無料) 大阪府大阪市中央区西心斎橋1丁目6-14 心斎橋BIG STEP 3F 電話番号:06-6245-0011
主催:株式会社 クレイジーバンプ (C)石森プロ
※商品ラインナップ、追加情報は 「墓場の画廊」公式サイト、Twitter等で順次公開予定です。