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Ishinomori Shotaro, real name Shotaro Onodera, as the eldest son of father Kasutaro, mother Kasiku who became the education chairperson after local public servants, as the eldest son of mother · casque, on January 25, 1938, Ishimori cho, Miyagi prefecture Moriichi present: Tomei Nakata Tome City Ishimori) was born. Early pseudonym "Shintaro Ishimori" was supposed to be read as "Iwamori Shotaro", but nobody correctly read it "Iemonemori Utaumaro", and later put a small nook again later "Akira Ishinomori" has been named.


The newspaper of the birthday is reporting the sign of the war of creeping up to Japan with the heading "Soviet national circumstances survey" and "Exploring the confrontation arms of Japan against Gangmen Vladivos". Nonetheless, the time has not yet come to pressure, the advertisement of the theater can be seen, and the relaxed atmosphere can be felt. Mr. Zenzo Matsumoto who will sharpen each other as a manga family on the same day also said that he is born in the place of Kokura at about the same time "About 15 minutes between Tohoku and Kitakyushu. In April of this year, the "National Mobilization Act" was issued, Japan broke out into a big war, and the end of the war ended in August of 1954 when Shotaro entered Ishimori Elementary School.

"It was a nice day, some of the neighbors gathered and were sitting in front of the radio (the popularity of the radio around here was such a thing.) I was on the edge, It was somewhat embarrassed by some people 's gathering, sunny, strong sunlight, the edge board was hot.I was peeking inside, everyone was crying.I was surprised.The eyes I was accustomed to bright light, Suddenly, I burst out laughing at the crying adults.What I did not understand what the translation was awhile, it was funny anyway for the crying adults I kept laughing forever so that I could not see the voice like I could not see her ... ... (Shotaro Ishinomori "Memory of words" Shimpo Publishing)

The war ended, and the boy who remembered the letter finally found a pleasure in reading on peaceful days that he visited. Fortunately the area has escaped the air raids, both at home and my father's books. With overflowing knowledge and desire, Natsume Soseki, Akutagawa Ryunosuke, Kant to Shoppen Howell ... and all the "letters" reachable by them are devoured, and ... and, in many cases, they often see delicious depictions, but the essence It is not so simple. Shotaro As a reason why the boy was supposed to be called "genius", it would be necessary to look further at the underlying "darkness".

"I wanted to be a da vinci" (Shimpo Publishing). It is dare to say "I must write", a thought of self-repulsion that keeps dragging and dragging the thought of my younger brother Junji immediately after I lost on a young age. As for the whole body eczema which was keenly troubled until coming to Tokyo, wearing shorts also came to hesitate. That's why I stayed at home as much as possible and I spent a boyhood playing with my favorite older sister, Yumie, who was also home at the same time.

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