About Shotaro Ishinomori


January 25, 1938
Born in Ishimori Town, Miyagi prefecture as a son of father · Kotaro, mother · casque. (Sister / brother / 2 / sister's 5 brothers): Real name Shotaro Onodera.


Became a junior high school student, collect children in the neighborhood, borrow a name in the phrase collection of Masaoka Fumiki, and make a manga doujinshi "India ink one drop", but abandoned in issue 2 without conscience.
In the following year (2nd year of junior high school), I posted 4 pieces for the first time in the manga contribution column of "Everyday Junior High School Student Newspaper" and received it. Become a posting mania.
Make an "East Japan Manga Study Group" with colleagues of "Manga Boys" summer vacation for the first year of high school, and make the first issue of the inkjour circulation magazine "India ink". The following telegram from Tesuka Tezuka from Mr. Tezuka Telegram in May (High School 2nd Spring). "Shigoto woits Dutteoshishii" ...
I am absent from school and I am in Tokyo. Assist with intermediate testing.
December 1954
Debuted in a series of "Second Angel" from the "Manga Boys" New Year.

In 1956 Miyagi Prefecture Sasanuma High School graduated and came to Tokyo at the same time. Lodging in the west Oshima, enters the manga artist's life. I will move to Tokiwaso in May. On the 15 th of the same month, your sister is in Tokyo. The Tokiwaso companion will become the second member of the "New Manga Party Party" (leader Hiroo Terada).

Early in 1957
I write down all the writing "Fire Bird Tarou" and buy the latest hi-fi stereo (record player).
On April 4 the following year, my sister in Tokyo died.
Tezuka Osamu's invitation to participate in the planning and production of Toei / long-length manga "Saiyuki".


August 1961
I borrowed the manuscript fee from each publisher and left the country with the title of Shueisha "coverage reporter". I went to Seattle's "Sci-Fi Games" and stayed around the world (70th day) as it was.
Transfer to Tokiwa.
May 1963
Established animation production company "Studio zero" with Shinichi Suzuki et al.
Married with Mrs. Interest (matchmaker / Tezuka Osamu). In December of the same year, I join at the same time as the inauguration of the Japan Manga Artists Association (present · foundation corporation).
Received the 7th Kodansha Children Comic Award at "Mutant · Sub" "Cyborg 009".
He won the 13th Shogakkan cartoon prize at "Jun" "Satoru and city capture award".


He won the Columbia Golden Disc Award and the Golden Hit Award for the lyrics of "Masked Rider".


October 1980
"Commemorating the 70,000th Anniversary, 25th Anniversary Party of Manga Family Life" was held.
Appointed executive director of the Japan Manga Artists Association. Tokiwaso same-society (it was dismantled on December 2, the same year)
"Manpaku Ondo" commemorating the breakthrough of one million copies,
Winning the Golden Disc Award from Canyon Records.
Received the Columbia Golden Disk Award again at "Masked Rider Super 1".
December 1984
I joined "Juvenile Literary Club (present · Creative group Prominence)".
July 1, 1986
With the 30th anniversary of the debut, it was renamed to "Ishinomori who was supposed to be called so to return to the beginning"
"Introduction to the Japanese manga economy" won the Japanese / Trendy Language Grand Prize / Public award, selected for "basic knowledge of modern terminology".
"HOTEL" etc received the 33rd Shogakkan cartoon award. He won the 17th Japan Comic Artists Association Award · Grand Prize at "Introduction to the Japanese Economy of Manga". Appointed the "Japan Hotel School Education Center General Foundation" as a councilor. I joined "Media and Comic LAC Association".
September 1989
I became a member of "Nippon Television Network Corporation · Programming Council". At the same time, he is also a member of the Council for Teletext Broadcasting "Access and Forecast Program Council".
Nakada Town "Honorable Town People Prize" was awarded.


October 1990
Became an extraordinary committee member of the "Economic Council (Economic Planning Agency)" → until December 1991.
It is chosen as the "Sake of Japan Award" awarded to those who suits sake.
Received "1990 Best Producer Award" from "The Year of the Year's Producer Award".
April 1992
Inaugurated as 'Chairman of the Sun' chairman.
Toshiki Kaibe and Ryutaro Hashimoto as consultants.
Inaugurated as a trustee of the foundation corporation · water and green planetary conservation organization.
From December of the same year until March '96, he also served as a cooperator of "Study Committee Members 'Meeting (Ministry of Education) on students' reading of children.
January 1, 1994
Together with the inauguration of "Manga Japan", a story cartoonizing fellowship association, he became a representative caretaker.
At the same time as "Ueda City Multimedia Information Center" opened, he became an honorary director.
September 1996
He will serve as "Chairman of East Asia MANGA Summit '96".
Miyagi was appointed ambassador.
March 16, 1997
Ishinomori Shotaro A comprehensive event towards the 45th anniversary "Ishinomori Mamanokan" started in hometown · Nakata Town. Over the course of three years, I visited all over Japan. Inaugurated as Gifu Prefecture's first event village chief of "World Event Village Gifu".
Won the Academy Award at '97 Asian Cartoon Korea Games.
January 28, 1998
Died in Tokyo · Ochanomizu Tenkado Hospital.
He is 60 years old. For all the works of the lifetime, Isaiah Four Israeli small loosening chair, Japan Cartoonist Association Award, Minister of Education Minister's Award.
Awarded Tezuka Osamu Cultural Award / Special Award for many years of contribution to manga and manga world.
To the influence given to Asia and even the world's cartoon world, and to award feat, Asian Manga Summit Taiwan '99 comic strip awards will be awarded.
That "Robocon!" Robocon revived for the first time in 25 years.


July 20, 2000
"Ishinomori Shotaro Furusato Memorial Hall" (Nakada Town) is opened in his hometown Nakata Town. Rider series revives at "Masked Rider Kuuga"!
July 23, 2001
"Ishinomori Mamanokan" opens in Ishinomaki-shi, Miyagi prefecture. Representative works will be revived as an animation in a series of "Android Kikaider The Animation" and "Cyborg 009" in succession.
Heisei rider rider second volume "Masked Rider Agito" started broadcasting.
Heisei rider third volume "Masked Rider Ryuki" broadcasting starts.
Pioneer new ground in the rider series and get big topic.
Ishimonomori works are released one after another.
Heisei rider's 4th "Masked Rider 555" started broadcasting.
His spirit still lives and continues to send many works.
January 2004
Heisei rider's 5th "Kamen rider sword" broadcasting starts.
When Ishinomori was alive, it was broadcasted on January 25, which will be the 66th birthday.
Year 2005
Heisei Rider's 6 "Masked Rider Hibiki" Broadcast started.
January 2006
Heisei rider seventh "Kamen Rider Kabuto" broadcast started.
The original "009 1" is broadcast as the first television animation, "TBS" series as "009-1" (zero zero nine one), and calls a topic.
January 2007
Heisei rider No. 8 "Masked Rider Den-O" broadcast started.
"Skullman" (1970), which became the origin of the Kamen Rider series that continues even now, became the first TV animation!
Heisei rider ninth "Masked Rider Kiva" broadcasting starts.
January 24
Received world record recognition from Guinness World Records as "record of the most comic published by one author".