From October 1, 2017 until January 24, 2019,
Shotaro Ishinomori As the 80th anniversary project of birth,
We have done various activities.
Thank you very much for receiving much response from everyone.
Events and books announced within the period,
There are activities that will continue in the future,
There are items to be delivered from now.
We hope you will continue to enjoy it.
そして80周年ロゴでも “∞(無限大)” をモチーフにしましたが、
この周年を通過点として、石ノ森 “萬画(マンガ)” の無限の発展を目指し、
Ishimori Pro will continue to work on it.
In the future, thank you very much.

80th anniversary Parapara animation

"Manga is a MANGA!
UQiYOThinks "Ships feat. It is decided that it will be used as a collaboration song.