Ishimori Production Inc. Company Profile

Business content

Contents planning, production, sales / character planning, production, sales etc. of manga, video, music, games etc of Shonotoro Ishinomori work etc

Representative's name

President Akira Onodera

About license

Themain items that we canlicense are as follows. Please contact us for any content other than this.

1. 1. Shotaro Ishinomori Making books using works and characters, visualizing, using music, planning, producing, selling digital contents including games, etc.

2. 2. Shotaro Ishinomori Planning and implementation of advertising using works and characters, collaboration planning, merchandising such as events and special events

3. 3. Requests to Ishimori Productions for various design production and manga production

4. Shotaro Ishinomori Interviews and interviews about himself, his works and characters, or his desire to use portraits, works and characters in various media

Please note that the license from our company is limited to corporations only, and we do not license to individuals.

About copyright

All data, images, sounds and images that are owned by each partner company (hereinafter referred to as "right holder") licensed through Ishimori Production Inc. and through licensing, through paper media or magnetic and electronic media, You can not duplicate, reprint or process without your permission. These rights of copyrights, neighboring rights (including property rights, personality rights), portrait rights, publicity rights, etc. belong to the right holder. Ishimori Production Inc. provides the thing other than the right holder based on the consent of the original right holder. Only copying and quotation etc for private use etc. can be used without obtaining permission. However, even in this case, the act of putting it in a state where it can be obtained by the public or a third party, including posting on the network, will not be subject to private use regardless of profit or non-profit, so it is strictly We will prohibit it.

The Copyright Law stipulates penalties for "personal imprisonment of up to 10 years or a fine of not more than 10 million yen or both" against individual illegal acts. In fact, some people have been arrested and convicted because they have made it possible to download video and music files on the Internet.