New comic comic “Cyborg 009 BGOOPARTS DELETE” series started!

From the September 2019 issue of Akita Shoten `` Champion RED '' released today on July 19,
"Cyborg 009 BGOOPARTS DELETE" has started its serialization.
The manga is created by Tsuguo Okazaki.

In addition to the cover of the same issue, the booklet “Cyborg 009 Shotaro Ishinomori Premium Art Book”, which contains original color pictures and doors drawn by Shotaro Ishinomori, will be an appendix.

Today is July 19th, "Cyborg 009 Day".
On the 55th anniversary of the serialization, a new story of cyborg warriors will be launched.


Magazine Appendix "Cyborg 009 Shotaro Ishinomori Premium Art Book"

Illustrations used as monochrome doors when publishing magazines,
Record the atmosphere of the manuscript as it is!
Select color illustrations that are drawn down for pin-up.
This is a special booklet with illustrations of cyborg warriors drawn by Shotaro Ishinomori.