"That person" talked to me seriously, since I was a child, I never treated it as a child, I came as a human being, I asked a story if there was something. I did not do anything against the way I dreamed and aimed to aim. In my boys there is the word "that person" continued to tell me about once a year. "If you have something you want to do, choose it, choose your favorite path, but never oppose - but be sure to take responsibility yourself instead. Let's take care of the university, but the university Be sure to live by yourself alone when you leave. "

I, myself, when I was a kid, I decided that I want to be an actor in the future. I wrote a script that I do not know if it is about 10 minutes of control or play at the "Fun Party" to organize with friends and do something that I made, and I did performances and received such a big reception that there was not such a fun thing , I was willing to do it.

He asked Chaplin's video instantly when asked what I wanted to be in the future, "That person" answered honestly. "If you become an actor, be like Chaplin to create a work and to appear" It was a word that decided my life.

That is the spring just before entering university. "That person" brought me to my room and said, "Do you really want to be an actor?" I silently nod. "Do your best without putting out my name before I can live a life I can convince of him." Since I was a child, what he is saying is consistent, I have not blurred at all. I was touched many times that I was living alone, as if I was dropping a lion child, it was a word that I crawled up with my own power.

"That person" has already passed away nearly twenty years ago, which is a testament to me. Of course, if you ask whether you are convinced of your life so far, you can only say NO. It is because somewhere in my mind is pursuing the back of that person. Even now I want to get closer to people who are recognized by people all over the world, even now I think that I will be crushed by the dilemma every time I think. On the contrary, however, it is no doubt that the repentance has been spring because it has been able to live hard repeatedly until now.

It would be easy to say the relationship between me and that person in a single word. But, I definitely want to stick to the promise I had with that person. It may be reflected comically from the viewpoint of others, but this is the identity for me, it is a very deep-rooted sole.

This opportunity is gotten this time, and for readers, there is something you want to understand, saying only one thing. Even if you know the relationship between me and that person, it would be greatly appreciated if you could only pick up that part and never close up. Please warmly watch over me until the day I am satisfied with my life.

I want to talk about "person" or "work" as a self-sustaining expression and creator by all means just as planned. Like I was a child, "that person" treated me as a person with a personality.

Even if it says to discuss the work of "that person", the commentary on the work has been spoken out to the world carefully and I do not think that I would like to argue in the major stage. If that is the case, I asked if I could let you write what I felt about, that person at that time, things I only can know, etc. without permission, and I agree that that is more interesting It was. So please do not think that everyone is a critic. This is essay I write as I like.

And, to start writing, I made one rule by myself. That is the name of that person. By the way, when I wrote the completion of Cyborg 009, I was calling that person consistently "author" at the time of the postscript and coverage, but this is also a testament to "the person" It was to protect the words that were made.

This time I think I will call that person with a surnames of the pen name. Since "No" entered on the way, depending on the age in which the work was drawn, "No" can be inserted or not. I would like to make it clear by name as to whether the work is in the former period of the author or later in the latter period.

Now, I will finally begin writing from next time, but what will happen .... I pridefully believe that "that person" is most admired, influenced and closest to the world. As an actor, as a creator of a playwright, director, producer, I will start spelling what I felt as it is.
"I saw Ishinonomori Shotaro -. "