Parapara animation "Manga is a Manga!"

The artists collaborated! ! !

That was a coincidence.

One night the staff of music professional Ishimori Pro turned off the volume of the music of the finished parapara animation and checked it. Existing piano songs were also very good, but it was from a simple interest that "If what else do other songs go to this video, ...". The staff checked it while matching the music of various artists, but when I put it on a song of an artist, I felt a strange feeling.

その楽曲は、UQiYOの「Ship’s feat.元ちとせ」でした。


「Ship’s feat.元ちとせ」は、UQiYO男性ボーカルのYuqiさんと女性ボーカルの元ちとせさんとのコラボレーション楽曲でした。そのスタッフは、男性の声を「石ノ森章太郎先生」に、女性の声を「お姉さん」にリンクさせて聴いていたのです。その楽曲を調べてみると、2016年1月20日にリリースされていて、権利関係も含め、どうなっているのか、、、全くわかりませんでした。スタッフは、早速アーティストサイドにアプローチして、「このパラパラアニメに楽曲を使用させて欲しい」とお願いしてみることにしました。

実際にアポイントを取って、楽曲をのせたパラパラアニメを見てもらいました。パラパラアニメとUQiYOの「Ship’s feat.元ちとせ」がすごくマッチしていると共感いただきました。


そのアーティストは、シカゴ育ちのバイリンガルアーティストでした。幼少期の頃、マンガを描くことが大好きで、本屋で石ノ森章太郎先生のマンガ教本を買って勉強していました。石ノ森作品の大ファンで、お役に立てれるならと快諾いただきました。権利関係も無事にクリアして、パラパラアニメ “マンガは萬画だ”に、UQiYOの「Ship’s feat.元ちとせ」がコラボ楽曲として使用されることになりました。

今回、石森プロとして、たくさんの人にパラパラアニメ を観ていただきたく、そして改めて「石ノ森章太郎」を知っていただきたく、日本語以外に、9ヶ国語のテロップ翻訳をしました。現在、石森プロの公式YOUTUBEにて公開しています。

UQiYOの「Ship’s feat.元ちとせ」とコラボした「NEWパラパラアニメ 」をぜひご覧ください。


*** Ishimori Pro official YOUTUBE ***

石ノ森章太郎 パラパラアニメ「マンガは“萬画”だ!」× UQiYO「Ship’s feat. 元ちとせ」

UQiYO talks about Shotaro


Vo / Composer's Yuqi, Dr / Percussion's Sima unit. Activities started in 2010. The album "UQiYO" was released in May 2013. The reputation expands in the word of mouth and its high musicality calls up a topic. In January 2016, I released the first mini album "Black Box" that caught my former guest as a guest. Attitudes and style constantly trying new attempts are gaining attention from a lot of people, with the empathy of active creators at home and abroad. From April 2017 as a new attempt announcing new song every month with Spotify, Apple Music and other subscription services, UQiYO songs are selected not only in Japan but also in the UK, Germany, Finland etc. UQiYO songs are popular It has spread. We released the album "Stones" (Stones) which collected this distribution song on April 11th.




I am from Amami Oshima, Kagoshima prefecture. In 2002 debut with "Wadatsumi no Tree". As a vocalist it shows its unique singing voice and presence in various stages. In 2015, received the 57th Japan Record Award "Planning Award" at the album "Peace First Year". In 2017, we celebrated 15th anniversary of debut.
It is one of the leading female singers in Japan who is energetically active while keeping the base of life in Amami Oshima.

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Parapara animation producer interview

Why is Parapara animation?

Even knowing the works of Cyborg 009, Kamen Rider, Kikaider and others, I think that some people know what kind of person Ishinomori Shotaro was and what manga artist's life was. People who are not interested in the work and manga also think that it is parapara animation that you can easily see in minutes in a few minutes and it is not a painting of Ishinomori Touch dare to look at pictures that women and children can see I made it. The trouble to doing as a manga artist, not as a future that had been dreaming, such as sister's opponents, other worlds, graduation from high school to university, newspaper reporter, film director, etc. As a tourist before not liberalizing overseas travel As reporters, I borrowed from each publisher to see the world and borrowed from international experiences from international experiences internationally to create a cyborg 009 fighting teams by combining their abilities, but it was not easy for the publisher to qualify In addition to drawing manga as a cartoonist, he also created character and hero of TV program one after another, even knowledge of Ishinomori Shotaro who expanded the possibilities of manga to the field of education even in a professional manga, also interested in the work I would be pleased if you could have it.

Mr. Kameoka


Difficult points and notes

As for the picture, I cautioned not to be too cute. I asked you to feel a strong will in the soft image.As for the story, I had difficulty in putting the points together as I could empathize within a few minutes, and talked with the screenwriter many times.Regarding music as well, I think that it is very important for directing emotions, I thought that the piano was good, so share a sample of some images with the composer and make it original for this work I had you.

Things to tell through Para para anime

Twenty years has passed since Shotaro Ishinomori died.A number of heroes have been created and inherited the intention of Professor Ishinomori even after passing away, and new heroes are created in various forms such as comics, animation, live action. After seeing the story overcoming Dr. Ishinomori's struggle and sorrow, I thought that it would be a good idea if each person should take the first step towards work, human relations, goals and problems in front of me, thinking about a story It was.And if Professor Ishinomori is ahead, I would like to create a story that allows you to move not only your hero but also your feelings at all, thinking about what kind of hero will be created in this era.



Where I was most concerned about this work

I think that 009 in the latter half ran around and carefully watched the moving part!

The most difficult place

It was hard to paint with the fellows of Tokiwaso and struggled.

Recommend it!

It is the scene where Ishinomori youth grows since your sister died.

Ms. Takeya


Where I was most concerned about this work

How far do you put cartoonistic expression in drawing a life of Mr. Ishinomori with flip book? I thought about the story and thought about the place.
Fantasy elements become too strong if you make it full-length cartoon tic expression.
I was constantly concerned about where to put comic expressions after telling the place to tell them properly.

The most difficult place

It is expression of age.
It is difficult to imagine the times and livelihoods of Professor Ishinomori, and I corrected the scenes that did not reflect the historical background over and over again.
Lies and exaggerations are misleading and difficult.