Zero-zero number Cyborg's voice actor was lifted

11月25日から、期間限定で全国劇場にて上映される、「サイボーグ009」の最新作『CYBORG009 CALL OF JUSTICE』。

Shimamura Joe
Keisuke Kawamoto

It is Kimoto Kamoto who plays Shimamura Joe role.
I am proud to be involved in this work as it is a work loved by everyone of a wide generation and engraving history.
I played carefully so that I will not disappoint the feelings I've connected so far!

Francoise Arnor
Risa Toda


Ivan · Whiskey

Jet Link
Takuya Sato

Alberto Heinrich
Satoshi Hino

Jeronimo · Junior
Kenji Nomura

Zhang Lake (Chankanko)
Mitsuaki Manton

Great Britain
Sato Sushi

Haruaki Ishitani

Director Kakimoto Hiroshige comment

This work, made in Presco, is making pictures while listening to the performances of the voice actors.
Activities of each person 's distinctive personality' s faithful performances stimulated the image of the staff who made the images, and I made many wonderful cuts.
Meanwhile, Mr. Kawamoto's played 009 leaded us with a voice with strong core lead, even during sweet, Mr. Tanida's gentle, restful feminine play was zero zero number Cyborg, Wrapped around me.

『CYBORG009 CALL OF JUSTICE』は、11月25日(金)より全3章で、各章2週間限定劇場上映!