Anime "Make-up" Blu-ray will be released!

The TV anime "Happyakuya Chohori no Keiwaishi", which was broadcast on TBS from 1990 to 1991, is now on Blu-ray for the first time!
A total of 22 episodes will be completely recorded, including 6 episodes that have not been broadcast (of which 3 episodes have been made into software for the first time).

A make-up artist is a profession that makes not only people but also traditions and humanity gorgeous and fascinating from the front to the back of Edo through makeup.

The main character, Shikitei Kosanma, is the young husband of Shikitei Honpo, which sells cosmetics in the town of Edo.
He beautifully "makes up" not only the appearance but also the heart and the world.

Edo's politics and entanglement of emotions ... Please take a look at the success of Komima, who can overcome various difficult problems with free ideas.

◆商品名:想い出のアニメライブラリー 第110集「八百八町表裏 化粧師」Blu-ray  
◆価格:¥22,000(税込) ¥20,000(税抜)
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