"Omiya" will return on Saturday, October 15 at 21 o'clock!

In February of this year, "Mimiya-san" revived as a special in the "Saturday Wide Theater" frame for the first time in two years with Shihori Nukichiya as a new partner.
Thanks to the popularity, the second special will be broadcast.
Tsunehiko Watase x Shihori Nukichiya's "Teacher and Apprentice" is back.

In the previous special, Miyaya (Tsunehiko Watase), who had just been transferred to the Kyoto Prefectural Police Headquarters, was drawn to a difficult incident with Chizu Kamio (Shiki Kanukichiya). This work is an event six months after the transfer. Once again, Miyaya encounters the incident and challenges the mystery of the complicated incident. The key to the story is "origami roses". The incidents that looked different from each other are connected by a single thread by solving the "mystery" hidden behind them ... This is a must-see story. Please look forward to it.

(O in charge)

Saturday Wide Theater Omiyasan Special 2

9pm on Saturday, October 15th