"Secret Sentai Gorenger 1975 [Complete Edition]" will be released!

『秘密戦隊ゴレンジャー』が、 復刊ドットコムより、<石ノ森変身ヒーロー[完全版]シリーズ>最新刊として発売されることになりました。

Mainly on the episode serialized in "Weekly Shonen Sunday" and "Fifth Grade Elementary School" in 1975, it also includes the first episode (64P) of the remix version reconstructed by Shotaro Ishinomori himself in the 1970s.
It is a specification that allows you to enjoy the "starting story" in three versions.

In addition to door picture, cover picture, notice and cover art, we will also include illustrations, character setting drawings by Ryotaro Ishinomori and rough sketches.

I would appreciate it if you could touch the work in the same size of the book and magazine that will be the first B5 publication.

* "Himitsu Sentai New Gorenger Pretend" serialized in "Shonen Sunday" and the gag edition of the second half of the "School 5th Grade" series are not included.

≪復刊ドットコム オリジナル特典≫
復刊ドットコムで『秘密戦隊ゴレンジャー 1975 [完全版]』を購入すると、先着で石ノ森章太郎・画「秘密戦隊ゴレンジャー」複製原画(非売品)をプレゼント。

Publisher: Revive dotcom
Format: B5
Number of pages: 410 pages
Delivery time: Mid-September 2019

Base price 6,800 yen (+ consumption tax)