"Animal Farm" released from Chikuma Bunko! !

"Animal Farm" released from Chikuma Bunko! !

George Orwell's masterpiece worldwideAnimal Farm "In the original, a cartoonized version of the satirical messages and messages put in the works by Ishnonomori, is now being bunko made for the first time.

Animals that rebel against being exploited daily by humans. They unite and drive out the farmer, advocating the ideal “animalism”. What is the end? ? ?

I think that there is something you can feel for some time now, after 50 years since the presentation, what you see in the form of "animals" drawn on the farm.

In the bunko, the title work "Animal Farm" is also included, a different work by Komatsu Sakyo's original work "Kun no Haha", and "Karon Kolon" gotten inspired by Kaidan · Peony lanterns.

Please take a look at this machine by all means.

"Animal Farm"
価 格:740円(税抜き)