"Series reenactment version Cyborg 009 Underground Empire" Yomi "" is released in upper and lower volumes!


In addition to "underground empire" Yomi "ed" in upper and lower volume composition, "new bomb" Raiden "," illusion island ed "," Kyoryu cyborg ed "are collected.

In addition to pictures, lines, frames, etc., color pages, doors for each series, magazine advertisements published at the time of serialization, notice cuts, and nobles (page numbers) at that time are reproduced as much as possible. You can taste the atmosphere at the time of serialization.

【Series Reproduction Version Cyborg 009】

First volume
“Underground Empire“ Yomi ”(Part 1)

Second volume
“Underground Empire“ Yomi ”(Part 2)
"New Bomb" Raiden ""
"Phantom Island"
"Cyoryu Cyborg"

Release: August 1
List price: 3600 yen each (excluding tax)
Published by Kodansha