"Purchase issue schedule Kuzuryuu KUZURYU" 2nd volume on sale!

"The cost of taking the trouble is ninety-two-is it expensive, is the price of life ...?"
There is a man who travels around the country as a "pharmer" and jumps as a "buyer".
The name is "Kuzuryu" ---

"Kaikyu Kanchocho Kuzuryu KUZURYU" serialized in the monthly "Comic Ran" (Akira Miyagawa, original: Shotaro Ishinomori).
The second volume of the book released this month is approaching the mystery of "Kuzuryu".
This is a powerful storyline in which a three-pronged battle takes place over a mysterious advancement with a “Nine Dragon Heads” with a drug dealer, a trainee, and the Takeda clan.

A story in which revenge and conspiracy are swirling against the background of a legendary suspense element. But there is always a mixture of indivisible people.
Please take a look at the new “Kuzuryu”, which is the newest of the Ishinomori period drama, constructed with stylish lines drawn by Dr. Teru Miyagawa.

(O in charge)

`` Buyer's prayer book KUZURYU ''
Manga: Teru Miyagawa
Original: Shotaro Ishinomori
Published by Reid

Book Volumes 1 and 2 now on sale
Serialized in “Monthly Comic Ran” (released on the 27th of every month) published by Reid

© ︎Miki Miyakawa © ︎Ishimori Professional

Kuzuryu Volume 1