"Cyborg 009 Vol. 8 Underwater pyramid edition" released at convenience stores!

At the bottom of the deep dark sea
They are
From a long long sleep

  Human ugly desire
From themselves to a long sleep
I woke up...

  What is the identity of a pyramid that lurks on the ocean floor for a long time? ?
009 The "flying sailing ship" "Ivan's fool" with a party challenges the battle!

  In addition, the mysterious man "Count of Saint-Germain" that appeared in the main part and is also listed in the special recording
It is said to be a traveler of time, and a person who appears in the world with the same appearance for thousands of years regardless of age Shotaro Ishinomori was meeting in Japan! ?

What he's been able to do for time travel is...

Please take it at a convenience store and take a cyborg 009 Please experience the world of.

"cyborg 009 Undersea Pyramid Edition"
Publisher: Sanei Shobo
List price: 583 Circle + Tax